8 Best Yogurt Makers for Home in 2023

If you love the delicious drinks made out of yogurt and visit various outlets to taste yogurt based drinks every now and then, it is better for you to buy a yogurt makers for long-term savings. You can effortlessly prepare customized yogurt recipe with preservatives and flavors to present mind-blowing dishes and drinks to your family members and guests. Here are the top 8 best yogurt makers that you should consider buying to get the best value for your money.


List of The Best Yogurt Makers in 2023

SaleBest Choice #. 2
Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker,White 9.6 Inch
Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker,White 9.6 Inch
Seven – 6oz Glass containers allows for making up to seven different types of Flavors; Three-year warranty and BPA Free,Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches
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SaleBest Choice #. 11
Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker
Euro Cuisine GY50 Greek Yogurt Maker
Transform up to 2qt of plain Yogurt into Greek Yogurt; For Making Greek Yogurt/Cheese Yogurt
Amazon Prime

Yogurt Maker Reviews

8. Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker

8. Dash Bulk Yogurt Maker

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This is a very simple yogurt maker and its container capacity is 1 quart. It has a compact design so that it can fit anywhere and the cord storage space helps to accommodate the cord easily. The container is BPA-free and all non-electric parts are washable with dishwasher. All you need if plain or flavored milk and some bought yogurt to get started. For amateurs’ help, the appliance comes with a recipe book and you get online access to a growing data of recipes with yogurt dishes and drinks. It comes with 1-year of manufacturer warranty. The product dimensions are 6.5 x 7.8 x 6.8 inches and it weighs 1.7 pounds.


  • The capacity is 1 quart which is quite generous.
  • The container is BPA-free which is a priority now.
  • It is compact and very easy to store in smaller kitchens.
  • You can start preparing yogurt with a simple push of the button.
  • The flavor and texture of yogurt are perfectly maintained.
  • It is very easy to wash with dishwasher for all its non-electric parts.

7. Epica Homemade Organic Electric Yogurt Makers

7. Epica Homemade Organic “Set and Go” Electric Yogurt Maker with Seven

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The appliance comes with 7 six-ounce glass jars with lids to prepare yogurt which makes it easy to transport the prepared yogurt easily without creating a mess. Furthermore, all these glass jars are easily washable with dishwasher. If you have no experience of using a yogurt maker, there is no reason to worry about as it comes with an easy user manual to prepare the most delicious yogurt and use them in drinks and dishes to blow everyone’s mind.

You can prepare all the different types of yogurts with preservatives, flavors, and different types of milk available in the marketing. The glass jars are better than chemically made plastic containers and they are BPA-free. You can make delicious recipes instantly. It takes 6-12 hours to prepare the perfect yogurt that you won’t find in stores as well. There is a timer to set and it gets shut off automatically. The appliance comes with 3 years of warranty and it is the best yogurt for first-timers. The product dimensions are 9.6 x 9.6 x 5.2 inches and it weighs around 3.6 pounds.


  • The quantity of yogurt to be prepared can be varied easily as there are 7 six-ounce jars available separately.
  • You can prepare yogurt of various flavors in one go due to separate jars present.
  • The glass jars have lids not to scatter and spread the yogurt while preparing and transferring.
  • The glass jars are BPA-free and they are better than chemically made plastic containers found in most yogurt makers.
  • You get the most organic and healthiest yogurt that you may not get in stores.
  • It is easy for first-timers as there is a timer and a user manual describing steps and recipes.
  • The flavors(sweetness, tartness, and even thickness) and texture are maintained perfectly.
  • There is no need of heating up milk beforehand or keep track of changes happening.


6. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Makers

6. Yogourmet Electric Yogurt Maker

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This yogurt maker features in the list of Amazon’s Choice which instantly makes it worthy of buying. It is designed to maintain a proper temperature so that the yogurt prepared is organic, healthy, and natural. The container has a tightly sealed lid so that the yogurt stays fresh for long and you can wash the container easily with a dishwasher. It comes with an instruction manual for preparing yogurt easily and a simple thermometer is included for checking the temperature conveniently. You can prepare yogurt with specific carbohydrate level for people on a strict diet. You can make 2 quarts of yogurt with different types of milk available in the market. It comes with one year warranty. The product dimensions are 7.8 x 7.8 x 10 inches and it weighs around 3.9 pounds.


  • It has the unique water bath system to achieve the best texture and thickness of yogurt.
  • It is the made yogurt maker to prepare perfect and unique homemade yogurt.
  • The yogurt prepared stays fresh and all the nutrients are preserved due to uniform heating.
  • The container is BPA-free and completely washable.
  • You can make 2 quarts of yogurt which should be enough for an entire family.
  • You can use the appliance to make cheese, sour cream, and buttermilk.

5. Gourmia GYM1610 Yogurt Makers

5. Gourmia GYM1610 Yogurt Maker With 7 Glass Jars Customize To Your Flavor And Thickness, Free Recipe Book Included

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This appliance comes with 7 glass jars top prepare different types of yogurt in different containers as per requirement. You can save your health and money by not buying from different outlets who add unhealthy additives and preservatives in yogurt drinks. Instead, you can use natural ingredients and experiment with various flavors. The yogurt made is healthy and fresh and you get a recipe book to prepare various dishes effortlessly. The yogurt is sure to taste better than prepackaged yogurt. You can watch the yogurt getting prepared and use on/off switch with indicator light. The product dimensions are 10.3 x 10.3 x 5.8 inches and it weighs around 4.6 pounds.


  • The yogurt prepared is fresh, organic, creamy, healthy and perfect in texture.
  • The 7 different glass jars help in preparing different types of flavored yogurt in one go.
  • You can prepare plain yogurt, Greek yogurt, fruit bottom yogurt, cappuccino yogurt, yogurt cheese, and Lassi.
  • It is very easy to operate with the flip of a switch and convenient to wash as well with dishwasher.
  • The jars are made up of glass instead of chemically made plastic and tightly sealed lids keep the yogurt fresh for long.

4. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Makers

4. Cuisinart CYM-100 Electronic Yogurt Maker with Automatic Cooling,3.12lb Jar capacity,(1.5L)

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This is an Amazon’s Choice yogurt maker which is enough to boost the confidence of the buyers. It is an advanced yogurt maker with the inbuilt cooling system to keep the prepared yogurt fresh and healthy for a long duration of time. The jar container capacity is 3.12 pounds and it is very easy to operate with a simple touch of the provided button. The timing controller makes it easy to prepare different types of recipes. Most importantly, it will enhance the beauty of your kitchen with its stainless steel design. There is a LED digital display to show the time consumed so that you do not over ferment the yogurt. The product dimensions are 9.8 x 7.1 x 9.9 inches and it weighs 6 pounds.


  • The container capacity is large and you can make six 8-ounce yogurt servings at once.
  • The unique automatic cooling mechanism makes sure you do not over ferment and it keeps the yogurt fresh for long. You do not have t be present to turn off the machine.
  • It is very easy to operate and there is digital display for showing the time.
  • The design of the appliance is an added benefit as most of the other yogurt makers do not look modern for a modern kitchen.
  • You can add natural flavors to individual portions instead of the entire yogurt due to different compartments present.

3. Dash Greek Yogurt Makers

3. Dash Greek Yogurt Maker

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We have included another Dash product on the list but this is equally better and the reviews and ratings of the product are extremely high. It is also another Amazon’s Choice appliance. The capacity of the container is 2 quarts and it comes with two buckets of 1.5 quarts and they are BPA-free. Both the buckets have tightly-sealed lids and a Greek strainer. You can keep the cord hidden in the provided storage space.  The appliance has LCD display and you can customize the time easily. You can increase set timer and start and stop operation easily. It comes with a comprehensive recipe guide. The product comes with 1-year warranty and the dimensions are 7.1 x 7.1 x 9.5 inches. It weighs 3 pounds and comes in three different colors.


  • It is perfect for making Greek-styled yogurt. You can also make other types of yogurt conveniently.
  • There are various controls available to perfect the timing for fermentation. The LCD display is also very useful.
  • The container is washable with dishwasher and it is free from BPA and other chemical plastics.
  • It is very compact and very to place it in a relatively smaller kitchen.

2. Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Makers

2. Yonanas Elite Frozen Healthy Dessert Maker – 100% Fruit Soft-Serve Maker (Black)

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If you want all the basic features of a yogurt maker along with all the features to perfect different smoothies and dessert maker, this product is ideal for you. There are many people who do not want to buy a basic yogurt maker due to lack of capabilities to make different types of fruit-related drinks. If you are worried about how to use the product, you will be happy to learn that it comes with all the basic instructions and a user manual to operate it like a pro.

Furthermore, there are 120 recipes mentioned in a separate book so that you can serve different drinks and dishes to your family members and guests to surprise them pleasantly. The product comes with 3 years of warranty and you can prepare fat and dairy-free dishes. The components are dishwasher-safe and design of the appliance is very modern and stylish. The product dimensions are 9.5 x 6 x 15 inches and it weighs around 7 pounds.


  • This is more than just a basic yogurt maker which makes it a profitable product to invest your money.
  • Along with all the different types of yogurts, you can prepare fruit smoothies and other dishes. The recipe book will be of immense help.
  • It is a perfect product to keep in your modern kitchen because of its stylish design.
  • It can turn frozen fruits into delicious and healthy drinks. There is no need of adding fat, sugar, or other
  • preservatives.

1. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Makers

1. Euro Cuisine YM80 Yogurt Maker

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This is one of the bestselling yogurt makers and it also features under Amazon’s Choice category. The ratings and reviews are extremely positive even after such sales figures. There are seven 6-ounce glass containers and hence, you can prepare seven types of flavors at once. You can make 2 quarts of yogurt in 6-8 hours. The yogurt created is delicious, creamy and rich in nutrients. There are two unique features that make it the best yogurt maker and they are the stainless steel thermostat that informs you about the temperature and a timer that informs you when the yogurt is done. There is a light indicator with on/off switch. The glass jars are washable with a dishwasher. There are three years of warranty and the product dimensions are 9.5 x 9.5 x 6 inches. It weighs four pounds and includes a cotton bag for making the perfect Greek yogurt and cheese.


  • The appliance has a side thermostat to show the current temperature. The timer available shows the time when the yogurt will be finished.
  • The glass containers are BPA-free and washable with dishwasher.
  • You can prepare different flavors with seven different glass jars.
  • The appliance can make yogurt from any type of milk and the cotton bag provided helps in making Greek yogurt and cheese perfectly.
  • Due to compact glass jars, it is easy to unload the yogurt when prepared without creating a mess.


These are the top 8 best yogurt makers in 2023 that you can buy according to your budget and requirements. Before choosing any one of them from the above list, make sure that the capacity of the container fulfills you requirement in one go. Furthermore, check out the different yogurts you can prepare and the type of milk you can use. If you want different flavors in one go, it is better to buy those yogurt makers that have different glass jars. Therefore, go through the specifications and features before selecting the best one.

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