Homemade Pecan Butter with Cinnamon and Vanilla

Homemade Pecan Butter Top

I first made homemade pecan butter a couple of years ago when I was diagnosed with a peanut, dairy AND gluten sensitivity. Turns out I wasn’t “sensitive” to any of those foods… and that’s one year of eating I will never get back. I’m not bitter.

If there’s one good thing that came out of restricted eating, it’s that I discovered homemade pecan butter. This recipe is delicious and has a deep and delicious roasted pecan flavor. Probably because it’s made with roasted pecans.

It’s also really easy to make and like this homemade granola recipe, it’s super addictive. This pecan butter is great on toast, as a dip for pretzels, spread on a banana and really with most things you’d expect nut butter to be great with.

I want to make something clear though – I love peanut butter. It’s cheap, it’s healthy (for the most part) and it’s super versatile. One of my favorite food combinations of all time is crunchy peanut butter + banana. Sometimes you just need to mix it up though, and when you do mix it up, I hope you make this recipe and steer clear of the overpriced nut butters at the grocery store that are usually more than just nuts (looking at you palm oil).

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