Top 10 Best Cuckoo Rice Cookers in 2024

Rice is that part of a meal that is an addition to everyone’s food all around the world. Particularly in Asian Countries, rice is considered a staple food. Although many people still traditionally cook rice these days, Rice Cookers have come out as a major attraction. Thus, today we would like to introduce you to the best Rice Cookers from Cuckoo brand which can help you cook your rice perfectly.

Cuckoo Rice cooker does not only let you cook rice but also let you cook several other things. You will find many companies manufacturing rice cooking appliances but Cuckoo is the best of all. Cuckoo manufactures many varieties of rice cooking appliances and each product differs slightly. Hence we have come up with the reviews of the Best Cuckoo Rice Cookers to help you select the right one for yourself.

List of the Best Cuckoo Rice Cooker in 2024

Cuckoo Rice Cooker Reviews

1. Cuckoo 6 cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer


cuckoo rice cooker 3 cup

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As the name suggests, it is the best electric heating pressure cooker and warmer you need to have in your kitchen if you wanted to feed many. If you don’t like to spend a lot of time cooking amazing delicious dishes and finish it in a short time, then buying this pressure cooker is the best option.

Highlighted Features

  • The cooker has a heating plate that can be programmable
  • The pressure cooker made of X-wall diamond-coated inner pot technology
  • It comes with stainless steel detachable inner lid
  • Easy to clean and use
  • The cooker has the intelligent cooking algorithm aluminum inner pot

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2. Cuckoo 6-cup Multifunctional Micom Cooker & Warmer

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Wanted to upgrade your kitchen with multipurpose next-generation kitchen appliances, the Cuckoo standard multi pressure cooker is the right option with the 8 in 1 great combination features of a pressure cooker, slow cooker, browning fry, rice cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, soup maker, and warmer. This rice cooker is non-sticky, light, durable, and has 3 layers of the inner pot. If you want to bring automation in your life, then make your choice with a Cuckoo pressure cooker.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with 8 developed built-in cooking functions
  • Auto steam release technology to ensure safety
  • The inner pot comes has heat resistant handles for optimum safety
  • 8-in-1 multi cooker
  • Comes with smart voice guide technology
  • Made of 4 smart algorithm
  • One button touch sanitizes and disposes of unwanted muck
  • Equipped with heat retention features
  • Turbo Cooking Functions

3. Cuckoo 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker

hot cereal cooker

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Wanted to improve your health by choosing the better appliances for your kitchen? Then here is the 8 in 1 Cuckoo multi cooker with 5-quart smart cooking features for you. It is made of both hardware and software safety features that give complete peace of mind by protecting you better and keeping you safe with all its best features. Keeps your cooker clean and hygienic with an auto steam cleaning technology feature

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with leading-edge technology
  • Smart algorithm to adjust power and pressure level
  • 8 smart built-in program features
  • Digital programmed steam release valve
  • Made up of 2 PLY Clad inner pot
  • The clean water drain system
  • Featured with smart voice guide technology
  • Ensuring 14 safety features

4. Cuckoo Rice Warmer

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Upgrade your kitchen with this all-new technologically advanced multifunctional and programmable electric pressure cooker. Here is the right choice cooker with faster and smarter cooking features for you to go hassle-free cooking. It is a one-touch cooking option while you can do other activities leaving it on to perform its work in the kitchen.

Highlighted Features

  • X-wall inner bowl
  • Non-stick non-scratch surface
  • Automatic steam and pressure emission
  • Equipped with Lid locking device and auto temperature control option
  • Intelligent cooking algorithm

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5. Cuckoo Multifunctional & Programmable Electric Rice Cooker

3 cup cuckoo rice cooker

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The pressure cooker is the best multi-functional electric rice cooker that suits best for the kitchen. If you wanted to cook different dishes with a hassle-free job, then here is the right kitchen appliance where you can program the cooking option in it. While there are cookers that suit only rice, the Cuckoo comes as a multi cooking function option to cook other types of food besides rice.

Highlighted Features

  • 11 different cooking functions
  • LCD with button panel and controls
  • Durable pot construction with non-sticky pot wall
  • Has Diamond interior
  • Exterior made of titan extreme
  • Soft steam cap for dual-flow option
  • Built-in auto steam function

6. Cuckoo 6 cups Induction Heating Pressure Rice Steamer

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It is the best electronic rice cooker with high-performance technology in a sophisticated design for your modular kitchen. The multifunctional technology helps you to cook all the favorite grains, soups, stews, sauces, and many others in no time. Being the first-ever model in the US that comes with a detachable and washable cover, this rice cooker has been in high demand since its launch. Cleaning it is extremely easy as the inner pot doesn’t stick and most of its parts are removable. In short, worth buying!

Highlighted Features

  • Featured with fuzzy logic
  • Intelligent cooking algorithm
  • 16 customizable textures and flavors
  • Adjustable keep warm temperatures
  • Reheating features
  • Has premium inner bowl brings
  • Better durability, strength, and longevity

7. Cuckoo Multifunctional & Programmable Electric Pressure Rice Steamer

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The electric rice cooker is perfect for individuals who live in colleges, rooms, or for that self-cooking. The device provides several cooking options that can be programmed and come with perfect safety features. It works with Unique my mode technology to select the degree of softness and glutinosity. Also, washing it is like a breeze and you can simply clean it with a detachable cover.

Highlighted Features

  • Fuzzy logic and intelligent cooking algorithm
  • Coated with a special non-stick Teflon coat
  • The pre-program setting for baby foods
  • Unique my mode technology
  • Easy and convenience wash with detachable cover
  • Built-in auto steam cleaning technology

8. Cuckoo Premium 8 in 1 Rice Cooker

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Enjoy yourself with the pleasure and benefits of the electric heating pressure cooker and warmer. It provides safety features to protect you better with pressure and lock control devices, thermal fuse, and reed switch. With its inbuilt programs, Cuckoo CMC-QSB501S cooks your quality rice in no time. Perfect for a novice, this rice cooker is easy to use, not only for cooking rice but other products too. It has a very attractive design and the inner is made of stainless material to prevent the rice from burning. Overall, it is a good rice cooker to buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Contains 13 cooking features
  • 8-in-1 multi cooker
  •  Best water drainage system feature
  • Auto steam cleaning to ensure hygiene and safety
  •  Made of double-layer cover packing option
  •  Smart voice guide with 3 different language options
  • Built with 2 layers soft steam cup

9. Cuckoo STANDARD 8 in 1 Rice Cooker

best cuckoo rice cooker 2024

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Feel best with the micom rice cooker that can feed a small number of people with turbo cooking functions. The faster and smarter cooking technology makes the dishes ready in no time with easy energy-saving features. Also, this rice cooker is of professionally built with a premium inner bowl to bring optimal temperature and even heat distribution feature

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with LCD with 10 menu options
  • Built-in feature with Fuzzy logic
  • Intelligent cooking algorithm
  • Premium inner bowl
  • Auto steam and temperature control
  • Safety pressure emission option

10. Cuckoo 10 Cup Electric Heating Pressure Cooker & Warmer

cuckoo rice cooker

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If you are searching for an electric pressure cooker that can cook delicious rice, then don’t look anything further. Cuckoo CRP-P1009SW comes with locking system vents which help to trap the heat after cooking rice and keep your rice warm and fresh for a long time. Furthermore, it has 12 cooking functions, 3 voice language navigation features, and auto steam cleaning technology that make it efficient and simple to cook all your food types with ease. Also, it is backed with a one year warranty making it an ideal product to buy.

Highlighted Features

  • Heating plate programmable cooker with non-stick coating feature
  • Comes with a non-reversible safety device
  • X-wall diamond-coated inner pot
  • Detachable stainless steel inner lid for easy cleaning
  • Made of intelligent cooking algorithm
  • No outer pot coating

Buyer’s Guide for best Cuckoo Rice Cooker

Type: The same working principle applies to all Cuckoo rice cookers. The difference comes in the built-up materials, capacity, design, weight, and size. It is important to know what you need and based on that you can decide on the type of model that will suit you.

Pressure cooking: Although all rice cookers use pressure cooking, these come in two types:- induction and electrical. Most of the electric models are known as Fuzzy Logic which contains a computer chip to adjust time and temperature. While induction heating uses alternating electrical current which passes through metal coils under the pan and transfers the heat to it. Induction cooks pretty faster then but then rice cookers using fuzzy logic are good at making auto adjustments.

Warranty: there is nothing better than buying a product which is backed by a warranty. All rice cookers by Cuckoo come with a 1-year warranty on its labor and parts.

Price: the more features you want, the more price you will pay for it. The price depends on the features that you are looking for in your rice cooker and of course your budget. But, with all the models that we have listed in the blogs, be prepared to find the range of cookers between $100-$500.


Don’t rush while buying a rice cooker and review the best ones available on the market. When it comes to your family, you always want to provide them with the best. The same rule is applicable in this matter. You will be cooking rice and other stuff in the rice cooker so it is important for you to shop for the best quality rice cooker for your kitchen. In this article, we have reviewed top rated Cuckoo rice cookers which offer stunning features and excellent performance. We hope that our review list will help you find the best rice cooker for you and your family. Happy shopping.

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