Best Honey Extractors On Sale in 2024

A honey extractor is a piece of equipment used by beekeepers to extract honey from honeycomb. Extractors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but all work on the same principle: the beekeeper spins the honeycomb in order to loosen the honey, which is then collected by a mechanism that separates the honey from the wax. Whether you’re a hobbyist or commercial beekeeper, investing in a good quality honey extractor is essential for getting the most out of your bees’ hard work!

List of the 10 Best Honey Extractors in 2024

Best Choice #. 3
VIVO Electric Honey Extractor 8 Frame Rack(only 4 Deep Frames), Stainless Steel, Powered Honeycomb...
VIVO Electric Honey Extractor 8 Frame Rack(only 4 Deep Frames), Stainless Steel, Powered Honeycomb...
Clear Lid - With a clear plastic lid, you can easily watch your honey as it spins.
Best Choice #. 7
GOODLAND BEE SUPPLY Hardin Professional 2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor, Metallic
GOODLAND BEE SUPPLY Hardin Professional 2 Frame Manual Honey Extractor, Metallic
16 gauge stainless steel tank; Steel gear construction with sealed bearings; Clear Plexiglas top for easy viewing
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SaleBest Choice #. 8
VIVO Honey Extractor 2 Frame Stainless Steel SS Honeycomb Manual Crank Spinner BEE-V002
VIVO Honey Extractor 2 Frame Stainless Steel SS Honeycomb Manual Crank Spinner BEE-V002
Clear Lid - With a clear Plexiglas lid, you can easily watch your honey as it spins.
Best Choice #. 9
YINZINR Honey Extractor Separator, 2-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Manual Honey Extractor...
YINZINR Honey Extractor Separator, 2-Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor Manual Honey Extractor...
🐝Seal and fasten the lock, easy to operate and beautiful in appearance;; 🐝Reinforced thickened bearings, no teeth, continuous teeth, very durable;

9. VIVO Electric 4 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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VIVO Electric is a 4 Frame-Stainless Steel electric Honey Extractor. This larger extractor unit at once can accommodate 4 to 8 medium to shallow frames. Honey is collected from the frames through radial extraction in this BEE-VOO4E model offering a higher yield. The unit comes with a handle that offers bi-directional hold to enhance stability. Additionally, the feet of this extractor has 4 holes for bolting and fixing the unit for easier usage and steadiness. High-quality stainless steel is used for the extractor’s construction that ensures that product for its durability and high efficiency making it best for your medium size apiary.


  • Radial extraction process
  • 4 holes at feet for stability
  • Can accommodate 4- 8 frames at once
  • Automatic extraction

8. VINGLI Upgraded 2 Frame Honey Extractor

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This VINGLI Upgraded 2 Frame Honey Extractor Separator is yet another explicit choice for users with an interest in beekeeping. To minimize any kind of unfortunate accidents during the process of honey extraction, this unit has threaded holes to offer stability. The handles of the unit can be cracked easily for giving you a better hold and grip. The rounded inner baskets of these honey separators are designed to minimize the harm caused to the honeycomb during the extraction process. Additionally for ease of use the height of the unit can be adjusted to support variable honey container’s size.

Premium quality food-grade stainless steel is used for building up the frames in this Honey Extractors; this ultimately minimized the chances of abrasion and rusting considering health safety. Seamless welding and sleek finished and furnished barrel makes this unit suitable for easy cleaning using soap and water.


  • Comes with threaded holes at feet
  • Cranked Handle offers better grip
  • Constructed with food-grade stainless steel

7. SUPER DEAL Pro 2 Frame Honey Extractor

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There are not many high-quality Honey Extractors within the price range of $100. This SUPER DEAL Pro 2 Frame Stainless Steel honey separator is entirely made of stainless steel thus this can be used for a prolonged period without being worried about rusting or corroding. This extraction equipment comes with clear plastic lids that allow viewing the on-going extraction process and reduces debris as well.

This extractor helps you to collect honey from its honeycomb seamlessly without damaging it. Additionally, this product is designed to house deep, shallow, and medium frames. The featured clutch handle of this unit also enhances user experience during the honey extraction process.


  • Comes with clear plastic lids
  • Affordable pricing
  • Houses deep, shallow and medium frames

6. VINGLI Electric 4 Frame Honey Extractor

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This next on the list is the 4-frame electric Honey Extractor by Vingli. This unit is made of 304 high qualities Food Grade stainless steel, this quality of the product ensures its longevity and easy cleaning. The standard design of this extractor makes it a perfect choice for using a different type of frame either a medium, deep or shallow. Its high-quality crank rubberized handle is easy to use and it has an anti-slip feature to minimize any kind of mishaps. Another interesting feature of this honey separator is its adjustable height stand that can be customized as per your convenience and comes along with bolt holes so that they can be fixed for stability.


  • Build with 304stainless steel
  • Crank rubberized handle
  • Come with adjustable height stand

5. VIVO New Large Honey Extractor

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This large 2 frames manual honey extractor from VIVO is of 24-inch height. This is a handy honey extraction machine for any type of beekeeping or hives. Stainless steel is used for constructing this extractor’s drum body. Additionally, study and solid material are used to build its turn crack, and for offering firm and soft grip this unit comes with an ergonomically designed plastic handle.

The bevel gears of this unit are spiral and are made of high-quality robust material that results in a smooth and noiseless spin. The lid included with this unit is composed of Plexiglas and is double-sided offering a clear view of the drum.


  • Stainless steel drum
  • Comes with plastic handle for soft hold
  • Clear lead made of Plexiglas

4. VIVO 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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VIVO BEE-V002C is a manual Honey Extractor made of stainless steel that makes the unit rust-free and efficient in collecting clean and hygienic honey without adding any contamination. This extractor is compatible to hold at most 2 large, or shallow or medium frames. The crank handle of this extractor is grooved with plastics and helps in offering a firm hold for rotating the tray holding the frames for effective centrifugation for collecting maximum amount of honey from its honeycombs. The drum height of this product is 29 inches, which is sufficient for holding honey of large amounts. Additionally, the 2-inch outlet included with this extractor helps in letting the honey out effortlessly


  • Rust free and corrosion free
  • Plastic grooved handle for firm yet soft grip
  • Large drum height

3. Honey Keeper Pro 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor

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Honey Keeper Pro 2 Frame Stainless Steel Honey Extractor, is a perfect extractor beekeeper with beehive less than 10. This honey extracting farm equipment is made of premium quality stainless steel that efficiently can handle two standard frames of the medium, deep and shallow. Additionally, the legs are also constructed with stainless steel that can be easily bolted to the floor for stability or can also be removed for placing it over the table. The adjustable legs can efficiently place a bucket of size 5 gallons underneath. For easy viewing, the extraction process of this unit comes with a transparent plastic lid. The spinning of the unit for collecting is effortless with its sealed bearing and steel gears.

2. Happybuy Extraction Honeycomb Drum

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Happybuy Honey Extractor has an electric automated mechanism and is best suitable for the apiary of medium size. The extraction requires no manual cranking. This durable unit is made of seamless food grade stainless steel that is resistant to rust and corrosion. This unit comes with a 120 watts motor that rotates at a speed of 1300 rpm along with the variable setting option for speed that evades blowouts. For clear visibility of the entire process of extraction, this honey separator is featured with a see-through plastic lid. This unit is designed ergonomically, making transmission of honey hygienic and easy.


  • Premium quality stainless steel built
  • Adjustable legs
  • Comes with a lid made of transparent plastic

1. GOODLAND BEE SUPPLY Honey Extractor

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This manual Honey Extractor by Goodland is one of the top-rated devices available in the market, best known for extracting good quality honey from the honeycombs. This product has an innovative design that includes a double sieve that has mesh with 500-1000 microns, an extractor along with an uncapping roller. This 2 frame honey extractor is suitable for the apiary having 1-10 beehives.

Additionally, the three leg stand of this unit makes it stable and offers a hassle-free operation. For easing your hard work this unit comes along with a comfortable handle. The stainless steel of this extractor not only makes the equipment durable but also keeps honey healthy and clean.


  • Comes with a double sieve having 500-1000 microns
  • Includes uncapping roller
  • Durable model

Things to consider while buying a Honey Extractor

Material: Presently the market is flooded with Honey extractors that are made up of different materials including metals or plastics. The plastic made honey separators are low in price but are less durable and efficient in collecting honey. It is always recommended to choose a metal made of stainless steel honey separator. This type of extractor is durable as well as competent when in comparison to other models.

Price: The most important and inevitable factors that buyers consider before buying any product is the price. Honey Extractors are available in different price ranges. The price mostly depends on speed, the efficiency of honey extraction, and the material used. However, it a common phenomenon that an expensive extractor probably will be more helpful in reducing your efforts and time required while extracting honey from its combs

Size: One of the important factors while choosing a Honey Extractor is its size. In this product, size is determined by the number of frames it includes. Currently, there are different sizes available for honey separators, for example, a 10/20 size extractor is meant for holding 10 frames radially and 20 frames tangentially, while a 6/9 extractor is capable of holding 6 frames radially and 3 frames tangentially. Considering your requirements the size of the extractors must be chosen intellectually.

Radial or Tangential Extractor: One more point to be considered while buying the product is whether the extractor is radial or tangential. The extraction of honey is comparatively faster in a radial extractor as honey is hauled out instantaneously from both the sides of the frame in a single spin. While in tangential extractor at time honey gets collected from a single side so for complete extraction the frames are needed to be flipped and spanned twice.

Speed control: A honey extractor with a speed control option ensures that honey is collected proficiently without damaging the honeycomb during the entire process.

Manual or Electronic: honey separator of both manual and Electronic style is readily available. Depending upon your choice you can select the product, if you like to stay easy on your budget and can put physical efforts then it’s good for you to select a manual unit. However, for efficient extraction and saving time and efforts you can opt for an electric honey separator.


The Honey Extractor is a great option for those who are looking to get into beekeeping or expand their current operation. It’s designed with the end user in mind, and offers an easy way to extract honey from hives without having to cut frames out of the hive boxes. We have years of experience working with all types of beehive equipment so feel free to ask us any questions that come up as you consider purchasing this item. Hope you enjoy the benefits of the honey on your daily basis!

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