15 Best Manual Grain Mills/Grinders: Handful Tools for Milling Wheat Grains, Coffee Nuts and More

Baking is always a great way for a great family time bonding and creating unforgettable memories to look back in the future. You are now able to start making bread or baking from scratch starting simply from grinding the flour with the manual grinders. In this article, we would give you the best manual grain mills that are well built and capable of grinding or cracking the seeds and grains finely and evenly. The coating of these grinder are also very consistent, and they all have a high quality control, making it very convenient for every use.

How to Choose a Manual Grain Mill

When it comes to food preparation, especially in the realm of baking and cooking, there’s a growing movement to return to traditional and healthier methods. One such area is grinding grains manually to create fresh flour, a practice that has gained immense popularity among home bakers and cooking enthusiasts. Manual grain mills offer a simple, efficient, and versatile way to grind a variety of grains, from wheat and rice to corn and beans, helping you achieve the ultimate control over the quality and freshness of your ingredients. In this guide, we’ll explore the key factors to consider when choosing a manual grain mill for your kitchen.

1. Material and Build Quality

The first and foremost factor to consider when choosing a manual grain mill is the material and build quality. Typically, manual grain mills are constructed using materials like cast iron, stainless steel, or aluminum. Cast iron mills tend to be more durable and are known for their longevity, while stainless steel mills offer a great balance between durability and ease of cleaning. Aluminum models are lightweight but may not be as robust as cast iron counterparts. Consider your preferences in terms of material and the overall build quality to ensure the mill’s longevity and performance.

2. Grinding Mechanism

Manual grain mills employ different grinding mechanisms, with two of the most common being stone burrs and metal burrs. Stone burrs are ideal for creating finely ground flour with a range of textures, making them suitable for various grains. Metal burrs are typically made of steel or cast iron and are known for their durability and efficiency. The choice between these mechanisms depends on your specific needs and the type of grains you intend to grind.

3. Hopper Capacity

The hopper is the container that holds the grains you’ll be grinding. The size of the hopper determines how much grain you can grind in one session. Consider your usage requirements and kitchen space when choosing a manual grain mill. Larger hoppers are suitable for those who need to grind substantial quantities of grains at once, while smaller hoppers are more space-efficient and ideal for occasional use.

4. Adjustability

The ability to adjust the coarseness or fineness of the grind is a crucial feature in a manual grain mill. Different recipes and culinary applications may require various textures, so look for a mill with adjustable settings that allow you to fine-tune your results. Models with easy-to-use adjustment knobs or settings provide added convenience.

5. Ease of Use and Cleaning

Manual grain mills are relatively straightforward, but some models offer enhanced user-friendliness. Consider mills with ergonomic handles and smooth operation. Additionally, assess how easy it is to clean and maintain the mill. Removable parts, a smooth surface finish, and materials that resist corrosion can make a significant difference in the long-term usability and cleanliness of the device.

6. Price and Brand

Manual grain mills vary in price, with some affordable options and more high-end models available. Consider your budget and choose a mill that offers the features you need without overstretching your finances. Additionally, opt for reputable brands with positive reviews and a history of producing durable and reliable grain mills.

Selecting the right manual grain mill for your kitchen is a decision that can enhance your cooking and baking experiences. By carefully considering factors such as material, grinding mechanism, hopper capacity, adjustability, ease of use, and price, you can find the perfect manual grain mill to meet your culinary needs. Embracing the tradition of grinding your own grains allows you to enjoy the freshest and most wholesome ingredients in your recipes while giving you complete control over the quality of your flour.

List of the Best Manual Grain Mills in 2024

Best Choice #. 4
Hand Crank Grain Mill VKP1012 VKP Brands
Hand Crank Grain Mill VKP1012 VKP Brands
COMPACT: Stores easily in a drawer or cupboard and is always available when you need it.
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Best Choice #. 5
Mosakar Hand Crank Grain Mill - Red, Manual Food Grinder for Dry and Oily Grain, Kitchen Flour Mill,...
Mosakar Hand Crank Grain Mill - Red, Manual Food Grinder for Dry and Oily Grain, Kitchen Flour Mill,...
Exclusive Click & Lock adjustment knob.; Stainless steel grinding burrs and shaft. Body frame is sanitary powder coat finish.
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15. Hand Crank Grain Mill VKP1012 VKP Brands

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If you are on the hunt for a versatile manual grain mill, Hand Crank Grain Mill VKP1012 VKP Brands would be a good choice for you because it can work well with a variety of grains including rice wheat, oats, barley, peppercorns, non-oily seeds, quinoa, and many other hard as well as dry grains. Not just the grains but you can use this grain mill to grind various spices as well. Another good thing about this mill is that it comes equipped with a sturdy steel milling cone, which has self-aligning grinding burrs. To let you adjust the thickness of the grinding material, the mill features a front dial. With the help of that, you can set the grinding texture from coarse to fine depending on your need.

Another good thing about this grinding mill is that it is compact in size. Given this fact, you can easily store it anywhere. To save you from frequent refilling of the grain, the mill is equipped with a big-sized hopper, which allows more grains to proceed before you’re required to refill it. As for the construction material of the mill, needless to say, it is incredibly durable and wear-resistant.

14. Hand Crank Manual Corn Grain Grinder by Generic

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Manual grinders are known for requiring labor and effort. However, Generic hand crank manual corn grain grinder is different from its competitors. It boasts to be a labor-saving machine and allows you to grind a variety of grains without much physical effort. Just hold the handle and keep rotating it. With the fact that its handle is quite large, it ensures an effortless and smooth operation. Not just the handle but the whole grinder is user-friendly and ergonomic in design. If you talk about the construction material, the grinder is made of robust aluminum.

Though it is meant for household purposes, you can use it for your business purposes as well. The reason is, it is suitable to grind all types of grains. Just put the grains on the top basket and hold the handle tightly to start the operation. You can grind as much as you want daily. Because of its sturdy construction material and engineer design, it can easily withstand daily wear and tear.

13. Ejoyous Hand Crank Grain Mill

Table Clamp Manual Corn Grain Grinder

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If you love simple machines with no complex features, you would definitely love to have Ejoyous Hand Crank Grain Mill, which is popular for its simple design and effortless operation. It does not have any complex features that can confuse you about its operation. You just need to hold its wooden hand and start operating. Since it is a table clamp grinder, clamp it on the top of the table and start grinding. The bottom of the clamp features a rubber pad, so you don’t need to worry about it slipping from the surface.

Speaking of the construction material, the grinder is made of cast iron. Given this fact, it is incredibly durable and can last for years without getting affected. In addition, the grinder is multipurpose and can be used to grind different types of grains. Above everything, the mill is super easy to use and control. Also, it is incredibly easy to clean.

12. Country Living Hand Grain Mill

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If you don’t want to compromise on the quality, hands down, Country Living Hand Grain Mill is definitely a great fit for you. Since it is packed with a number of awesome features, it is a little pricey but the price is totally worth it. Grinding grains with the help of this mill is effortless and quick. In addition, it is made of sturdy steel materials. Given this fact, you can expect the grinder to last for years without any problem even if you are not very careful with the maintenance of the mill.

The best thing about this grinder is that it is designed with a big crank handle, which makes the operation smooth and flawless. Just hold the handle and start grinding. The interesting thing is that despite its sturdy construction and big size, the grinder is portable and can be easily carried anywhere you want.

11.WONDERMILL Hand Grain Mill

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This uniquely designed hand grain mill is a must-have for you if you are looking for a sophisticated grinder with easy accessibility. Unlike its competitors, this hand grain mill is relatively small in size and can be stored even in a congested place during operation. If you talk about the functionality, the mill is the same as other hand mills. You need to hold the handle and rotate it in order to grind the grain. It is said to grind one cup of flour in just a minute.

In order to make cleaning up effortless and hassle-free for you, the grinder comes with a cleaning brush. With the help of that, you can clean the mill in seconds. The unique thing about this grinder is that it is suitable not just for dry grains but also for wet ones. To adjust the texture of the grinding, it features a locking adjustment knob. As for the construction material of the grinder, robust alloy steel is used for this remarkable manual grain mill.

10. Victoria Cast Iron Manual Grain Mill

hand mill metal

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This manual grain mill is suitable for all types of grain whether it is coffee, corn, barley, nuts, dried beans, and other seeds. You can use it to grind meats, vegetables, cheese, spices as well. It is made from a heavy duty construction, thus it is very durable and practical. This grain mill is built to resist stain and corrosion, so you have no trouble cleaning even if you use it very often. The adjustable manual is very practical because you can adjust the fineness and coarseness level of your mill. It is very easy to adjust the clamp, thus you do not require a lot of strength so you will have no trouble finding someone to help you with this task anymore.

In addition, it also comes with a slip resistant rubber that is very useful in protecting the surface and reduces the chance of slipping during the heavy work. Another great thing about this grain mill is that it has a larger batch processing and better capacity holding for grain content compared with other brands. If you want to reduce the labor work, you can use the electric grain grinders instead.

How to Assemble and use a Victoria Cast Iron Grain Grinder Mill

9. Cast Iron Crank Manual Grain Mill

best handheld grain mill

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This grain miller is very sturdy, and it can grind any seeds or seeds you want very fine. The fine level of the seeds can be adjusted by applying harder grind through the pressure of your hand. To avoid getting metal shavings in your seeds, we would recommend you to apply the vegetable oil. Another good tip if you want to avoid having metal smell sticking on your grains is to mix warm water a little bit with white vinegar.

Then, dip the mill grinder inside the container of the liquid that you mixed for a few minutes and rinse it off with normal water. In order to ensure that this miller becomes rust resistant, it is important for you to understand how to take good care of cast-iron well.

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8. Moongiantgo Manual Grain Mill Grinder

best wheat grinder 2024

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This manual grain grinder is made from a stainless steel material to guarantee users a high quality tool that is rust resistant, safe, and sanitary. Thus, you can wash it directly with water without any worries now. This is a user friendly grinder so you can easily adjust the grinding level via the providing nuts to get the thickness that you need. This grinder is capable of different types of grains such as rice, corn, coffee, coco, soybean, wheat, chilli, pepper and many more. You can only grind about 50g at a time. It is important to remember that this kit is not applicable to make paste, oily grains like peanuts, walnuts, or wet grains.

Since this manual grinder is small too, it is recommended to only grind a small amount of powder at once. We would like to inform you that this manual grinder could not ground your grain into powder completely. Consequently, after finishing the grinding, you will get a powder that has a mixture of particles mixing together. In addition, this grinder is not capable of grinding the seeds that are larger than soybeans size.

7. CGOLDENWALL Cast Iron Manual Grain Mill

stone hand mill for grinding grain

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Does it get on your pet peeves every time the electric grinder destroys the original flavor of your grains? If you do, we would highly recommend you to try using this manual grinder. It is well built, thus, we can assure you that it will last for a long time. In addition, this grinder also has a very great look and it is made from an electroplating cast iron. This grinder has a capacity of 1kg seeds, and it is very strong. After finishing grinding, your seed will be grinding evenly into fine particles. However, we would like to give you a few useful tips. Even if this machine is very convenient to clean, we would not recommend you to wash it with water. This is a great way in taking care of the grinder against rust. Thus, after you used this machine, simply wipe it clean with a dry cloth or brush.

Furthermore, when you first use this manual grain mill, we would recommend you to grind the rice at least once before grinding the intended seeds. This is the method to remove the odor or any smell from the packaging and metal.

6. FERRODAY Stainless Steel Malt Crusher

commercial grain mill

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This high quality manual grain millr will give you an excellent grinding experience. This miller has upgraded its hopper to be thicker, so it can hold up to 7.7 lb grains for once grinding or brewing. This grain miller is suitable for grains and seeds such as malt, barley, coffee, rice and wheat, however, it is not recommended to grain corn and soybeans. Even if it is made from a stainless steel metal, your grinded grains are still guaranteed to be safe because it is a food grade stainless steel. This grinder will not consume your energy much because it puts less weight on the crank handle and hoppers, thus, your hands will not feel fatigue after a long grinding session.

nother great tip in operating this grinder efficiently without having to do hard labor is by hooking it up with a cordless drill. This light weight also enables a convenient portable. Another great thing about this grinder is that it is anti-corrosion, great hardness and solid, lasts a lifetime, especially it does not give any bad or abnormal odor to your grains.

5. Premium Quality Cast Iron Manual Grain Mill

hand mill metal

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This hand grinder is made from a heavy duty and the hand crank is very sturdy. In order to preserve this metallic grinder well, it is recommended to apply a little bit of a vegetable oil as a coating. The special feature about this manual grinder is that it has a taller head cup compared with other brands, thus, it can hold more grains at one grind. The manual hand crank is adjustable, so you choose the level of finest of your grains.

It works well with dry grains such as wheat, oats, corn, nuts, coffee, soybeans, and many more. After finishing your grinding task, you should wash this grinder with soap and hot water and dry it well with a cloth, so it will last long without catching any rust.

4. CHARD GM-150 Manual Grain Mill

hand mill machine

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If you are looking for a high quality and durable grinder, then we would highly recommend you to get this model. This grinder is made from a cast iron and it is also tin-coated. In addition, it has a large hopper capacity Hopper that can grind 1 lb per minute. The handle made it very convenient to hold for a continuous operation. The poly handle allows you to easily clean the grinder and will not get split like wood material.

The adjustable grinding plates enable you to change to a different coarse or fine level. You can easily attach the adjustable clamp-on to the table or other surface up to 1.5 inches thick. It also comes with a rubber pad to prevent any scratch or damage to your wood table. We can guarantee you that this grinder can perform tasks perfectly in just a quick moment.

3. Azadx Professional Manual Grain Grinder

hand grist mill

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If you are looking for a manual grain mill that can produce a very fine flour for bread or muffins, we would highly recommend this miller for you. This grinder is suitable for household as well as business use. This grinder is made from a premium quality aluminum alloy and coated with silver. It is capable of grinding all types of grains ranging from rice, coffee, nuts, flour, barley, and many more. With this powerful grinder, you can even ground up popcorn with no difficulties even if it is known as the hardest grain to mill. It is designed with an ergonomic thought, so you do not worry that it will make your hands fatigue.

In addition, it can save you a lot of time and trouble because it does not require you to ground the grain a few times if you want them to be in a smooth texture evenly. You can be assured that it is very safe and will not cause any harm to your foods, thus, your homemade food will always be made from a fresh and healthy ingredient.

2. Moongiantgo Stainless Steel Manual Grain Grinder

grain mill review

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This high efficiency and great performance manual grain miller will become your best purchase that can perfectly produce a fine flour for your household. This grinder can be adjusted to the level of its thickness in accordance to the grains’ hardness. It is suitable for almost all types of grains whether they are coffee, nut, corn, coco, chili, wheat, and so on. However, it is not applicable to use this grinder with oily or wet grains or use it to make paste.

Since this grinder is a bit small, you should put only 50g of grains at a time and continue filling the miller while grinding. You can wash this grinder directly with water. We would suggest you to understand every assemble and disassemble step before use and make sure to clean and dry it well after finishing the grinding in order to reduce the possibility of turning black and rust issues.

1. MRbrew Stainless Steel Malt Crusher

manual stone grain mill

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This manual grain mill is made from a very good stainless steel and high rust and corrosion resistant, so it will last for a long time. We can assure you that the iron of this miller is cast perfectly without having any jagged edges. Even if this miller is light, it is still very sturdy, so you can feel safe and secure when grinding. Another great thing about this miller is that it has a large grain hopper compared with other millers. It can hold 7 lb of grains at once, so it can save a lot of labor and time. You can also pair this miller with an electric drill to increase the efficiency of this miller and make your brewing time become easier and faster.

If you are someone that is concerned about the environment, you will love this environmentally friendly product a lot. It contains no toxic chemicals that can cause any harms to your grains. This miller is very easy to assemble, so you can easily take some of the parts and clean it after use.


After reading this review, we hope you can settle on which type of manual grain mill would be best suited for your purpose. If you have never used a mill before, these recommended tools and our chef’s guide to using it would assist you well without ruining the seeds you have to grind. These recommended tools are the best grinder that can satisfy all your needs.

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