Top 10 Best Onion Goggles in 2021

Cutting Onions at home has always been a hard task if you do it by hand rather than using an onion chopper. The disruption in the eye caused by the onion vapors has been quite a nuisance for many. But with the passage of time recent advancement in technology has also made a solution to this issue. Now a new device known as Onion Goggles are being used in almost every house.

By the name, it’s clear that these are goggles but no ordinary goggles. These are special goggles that keep the onion vapors from entering the eye. As onions are a cause of irritation, onion goggles are a remedy for that. Not only does it prevent the vapors from entering the eyes, but it also protects the eyes from many different hazards.

List of the Best Onion Goggles in 2021

Best Choice #. 1
RSVP International (TEAR-BK) Black Onion Goggles, 6" | Safely Prepare Foods Without Tears | Remove...
EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Wipe goggles clean with a clean lint free cloth.
Best Choice #. 3
Unisex Tear Proof Cut Onion Goggles, Saftey Glasses for Kitchen, Cooking, BBQ, Cleaning, Cycling;...
High-quality lenses offer maximum clarity, and anti-glare, Scratch resistant.
SaleBest Choice #. 6
RSVP International Onion Goggles, Fog Free Lenses Safely Prepare Food Without Tears, Red
EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Wipe goggles clean with a clean lint free cloth.
Best Choice #. 11

Onion Goggles Reviews

10. RSVP International (TEAR-BK) Black Onion Goggles

endurance kitchen products

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Tired of crying out while cutting onions? Well, here these onion glasses are the best to serve your purpose. The sleek design and shape keep the eyes safe from that burning sensation. The RSVP eye protection technology keeps the eye-safe and practically meets the kitchen needs. These innovative glasses secure your eyes not only from the itchy feeling but also from hazardous events that take place in the kitchen while working.

The shape of these goggles and their design has been made in such a way that almost every face posture can wear it. They are available in a variety of colors including Black, Red, White, Pink, and tortoise. The best thing about these goggles is that they not only stop vapors from onions but also smoke, fumes, dust, and small particles. The glasses are the best choice for a house present in an open plan area as it has the capability to deal with that sort of climate. These goggles are not only used as onion goggles but also as glasses for yard work, bike riding, skiing, and dry eye.


  • Easy to use
  • Good quality
  • Easy to carry
  • Protects the eyes


  • Color degradation
  • Breakage of the rubber seal
  • Scratch on lenses when rubbed hard

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9. Onion Goggles Tear Free

dry eye glasses

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Having trouble working with onions, pepper, and many other things than these glasses are the best one for you as you will be protecting your eyes completely. The airtight soft sponge keeps vapors from the onion, fumes, pepper particles away from the eye and keeps them protected.

The best feature introduced in these glasses is its adjustable straps. The straps can be adjusted according to your own choice therefore every head size can wear these glasses. The feature that differentiates it from its competitors is the nose rest that enables these goggles for a longer period than any other onion goggles. This product has been equipped with a silicone sponge that makes it comfortable to wear and use. As these are lightweight they are easily carried anywhere. They have a stylish design equipped with UV protection lenses. These goggles are available in Black-orange, pink and white colors.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Soft covering
  • UV ray protection
  • Used as B.B.Q goggles


  • Sensitive lens cover
  • Soft ends of silicon pads
  • Breaking of side straps

8. Boao 3 Pieces Onion Goggles Glasses

swimming goggles cutting onions

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Having a family reunion and doing B.B.Q? Well, you all might get itching. There are a lot of members and you want to keep all of them safe then you are in the right spot. These goggles with their color ranges are best for a family to get together. These goggles are available in a variety of colors with black, purple, and white as main segments. The color combinations are also fit for a family. These are portable and quite easy to use.

The goggles can easily fit on any face posture. These goggles are completely made of rubber equipped with polycarbonate lenses that are glare-free and fog-resistant. No doubt one of the best products to be used for a family gathering.


  • Glass legs
  • Polycarbonate lens
  • Easy to wear


  • Distortion of Rubber pad
  • Breakable legs

7. Memegege Tears Free Onion Glasses

onion goggles pink

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Unable to protect your eyes from itching and burning sensations? These goggles are equipped with the best of the lenses and rubber sponges to protect your eyes from the vapors, fumes, pepper particles. The goggles are equipped with the best polycarbonate lens with an additional coating that protects the eyes from UVC rays.

These glasses are available only in white color. The best thing about them is that they come with ear holders so that they do not fall over while being used. The framework is made in such design that they can fit on almost all face types. Easy to use these glasses can be adjusted for any face type to wear them. These goggles are available in only white color.


  • Equipped with Ear holder
  • Polycarbonate UCV protection lens
  • High-velocity impact safety standards


  • Breakable plastic body
  • No metal accessories

6. Sheng Hang Onion Goggles

onion cutting hacks

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Easy to wear these lightweight googles cover most of the eyes and protect them from onion vapors, fumes, and smoke. The goggles have a soft silicon pad foam that keeps them in place while wearing. Its unisex design easily fits so both men and women can wear these goggles. It comes with a bag pouch to place the googles after using them. The googles multifunctional and can be used for many other purposes

These goggles are manufactured in only two main colors i.e. Black and purple. The colors are well suited to attract both males and females. The high-quality material lens is being used in these goggles that are anti-glare, anti-wind, and protect us from U.V Rays.


  • Anti-wind, Anti-glare
  • Lightweight
  • U.V 400 Protection


  • Plastic body ruptures
  • Sides get bend easily
  • Sudden shocks effects lens

5. Haoun 2 Pack Onion Goggles

onion glass

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In the doubt that you might get itching from cutting onions? Well, you got yourself the product that will remove all your doubts. These goggles are completely sealed so they prevent the vapors from entering the eye. Not only that these goggles also stop other irritants from entering the eye. These goggles are specially used for multiple purposes in the kitchen, working areas, and factories.

The lens used in these goggles provides UVA / UVB protection. Its unique plastic design enables it to fit on any face shape. The built-in sponge keeps the face in contact and makes it comfortable to wear these goggles.


  • built-in sponge
  • unisex design
  • U.V protection lens


  • Breakable plastic body
  • Not Anti-fog lenses
  • Sponge deteriorates after sometime

4. Kitchen Helpers Onion Goggles

swim goggles

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Having a family BBQ party well it’s fun but the onion vapors and the smoke affects the cooks. There are a lot of members and you want to keep all of them safe then you are in the right spot. To overcome this comes a helpful onion goggle. They protect the eyes completely. The best feature is they have foam padded rims that keep the goggles intact on the face and also keep the nasty vapors out.

These goggles have multiple uses as they are also used for gardening and cutting grass while keeping their eyes safe. These goggles come in black and purple colors.


  • Eye protection
  • Foam padded rims
  • Comfortable design


  • Ordinary glass lenses used
  • Arms are made of plastic

3. Haoun 2 Pack Tear Free Goggles

safety goggles

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Trying to protect your eyes from tearing out while cutting onions then these goggles are here to save your day. The goggles are completely sealed that protect the eyes by stopping the vapors, fumes, and other irritants from entering the eyes. The lenses used to provide UV protection. The built-in sponge keeps the goggles from falling off the face when they are wearing.

Other than protection for the onion vapors, these goggles are used for bike riding, yard working, and protection from allergies. The goggles are specially made in such a way that the eyes remain protected. It comes in four different colors as purple, white, yellow and black


  • built-in sponge
  • unisex design
  • U.V protection lens


  • Breakable plastic body
  • Not Anti-fog lenses
  • Sponge deteriorates after sometime

2. BESTONZON Onion Goggles

onion goggles with eyelashes

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Going to cut onions but hate the irritation, well you can use these onion goggles. These goggles were specially made to protect the eyes from irritating vapors. Comfortable seal completely stops the vapors from entering the eye. The lenses used in it are anti-fog lenses to provide maximum protection.

These goggles are made of plastic but they are well supported by the foam padding on the inside. The lenses used are scratch less and anti-glare to provide maximum usage and eye protection.


  • Anti-glare lenses
  • Irritant protection


  • Plastic body
  • Weak plastic arms
  • Less durable

1. Kitchen Helpers Onion Goggles

onion goggles for dry eye

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These goggles are here to serve your purpose. These tear-free goggles have been made to protect the eyes from all that irritation and itching. These goggles can be used from chopping onions to making BBQ as they will protect your eyes from the irritants.

These goggles come in the plastic body which makes it at a disadvantage but the lenses used are anti-glare, anti-fog, and UV protective. These goggles are able to fit on any face due to their unisex design. The rubber pads used to keep the goggles intact on the face.


  • Eye protection from all irritants
  • Anti-fog and anti-glare


  • Plastic body
  • Rubber pads might get weak

Things to Consider before buying Onion Goggles

Framework: Deciding to buy onion goggles, well you have quite a range of framework for onion goggles. They come in various shapes and styles depending upon the market trend and customer demand.

The available frameworks in the plastic and rubber range are the most popular in the market these days with rubber ends and plastic lenses.

Weight : Going to buy goggles, well you will be deciding not to pick the ones which are too heavy because that would make them difficult to wear. But nothing to be worried about as the average weight of standard onion goggles is 2.24 ounces (approximately 0.06 kg). being so light these goggles are easy to use and you can also take them with you if you are busy and doing some work

Fog-Free Lenses:  While using ordinary goggles most people have the fear that they might go blind suddenly or the vision could go distorted but you don’t have to worry about it. The onion goggles are equipped with fog-free lenses that don’t let anything stick to the lens and affect the vision. The fog-free lenses used in these goggles are multi-coated plastic lenses so no one has to worry about getting a distorted vision.

Foam Seal: Want to buy goggles to keep out the vapors and be safe from irritation? Well, you got the right product at your hand. The foam seal layer on the onion goggles blocks out the vapors and safe the eyes from irritation preventing you from crying out.

Unisex Design : Everyone wants to have the best of the products but they all vary on sizes but the good news is that these onion goggles have a unisex sleek design that enables almost any person with any face shape and posture to wear these glasses with ease. 

Price Range: We all know that everything available in the market has a price. More the features, more the price. Luckily, even after all these superb features that onion goggles have their price range varies from $13.32 to $20.45 depending upon the quality and material used in making the goggles


Whether you are a professional cook or a homemaker, you cannot escape from cutting onions which is why an onion goggle is important for you. Depending on your needs and usage, you can buy any of these mentioned above in the list and enjoy your cooking process without further crying.

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