Top 10 Best Portable Propane Fire Pits in 2024

Portable propane fire pit is simply a substituted campfire that is used in camping, other outdoor gathering or even indoor. It doesn’t provide any mess, ash or even smoke up in the air at all. The best part is that they are portable and safe. Today’s review is all about the 10 best portable propane fire pits along with their amazing features. Let’s delve into what these goodies have to offer.

List of the Best Portable Propane Fire Pits in 2024

10. Outland Firebow Portable Propane Fire Pit

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Here comes with a sleek black design portable fire pit that is manufactured by Outland in the model of Outland Firebowl 823. This model comes in a heavy duty design as it is constructed with a thick and tough steel as they are resistant and stainless. Not only the external design is stainless, but the burner does too. Besides, its supported steel is built in a circular mode design which is stable on any kind of surface.

Not just that, it comes with a chrome valve which you can easily adjust to the heat temperature that is maximum 58,000BTU per hour. Although the material is made out of steel, it is still super easy to carry around and the propane hose is attachable whenever you want to.

9. Bali Adjustable Portable Propane Fire Pit

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If you are concerned about complex set-up, then this Bali fire pit might be one of the best choices for you to go for. Unlike the previous model, this portable propane fire pit is designed in a rectangular shape with a tray alike which is pretty stunning. Other than that the touch to this fire pit is a matte black. Also, it comes with a really simple assembly that you could ever ask for with no complex tools required at all.

While being tough in design, the power of the propane hose is up to 10’ with the maximum 50,000BTU of heat power with a lid provided. Additionally, it comes with lava rock that maintains the heat power in constant as well as a heat valve which is adjustable to your preferences. To ensure the safety for users, Bali has been certified in CSA as an approved fire pit for campers that omits smoke and is mess-free.

8. Sunbury Coated Portable Propane Fire Pit

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This is something a bit different than the previous models in terms of its placement. As for the previous 2 they are highly suggested for campers as they are light, small and portable. However, as for this new Sunbury model, this propane fire pit is really applicable especially for your backyard as it comes in a really astounding design with dramatic colors combinations and features.

With a modern in a stylish design with a knitted styled brown table and a matte black metal top which are all resistant to various weather conditions. Despite being stunning, this table is coated with magnesium to improve the quality of the fire pit along with a fire knob for the heat adjustability in the maximum power of 40,000BTU.

Not only that, it comes with a provided assembly kit which you can arrange in just 30minutes by just following the instructions. A 365day warranty is automatically offered right after you purchased this little boy.

7. Heininger Portable Propane Fire Pit with Lava Rocks

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This next one is a portable propane fire pit that fits well with any occasions, even on a long road trip, camping or a small backyard party. Heininger 5995 consists of a sleek black design similar to the first product. Apart from that, it comes with a detachable 10ft hose that allows you to fold it in an organized and portable manner for a long-way run. As for its power of heating capacity, this model has the ability to produce a maximum power up to 58,000BTU.

The best part is that Heininger 5995 has been certified in CSA as it is safe and easy to use for a long-term investment. And, the unit comes with lava rocks that helps the heat remain constant as it keeps you warm late at night with no smoke nor mess involved.

6. Camp Chef Portable Propane Fire Pit

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This is a simple yet minimalistic design that is made by Camp Chef has always been amazing for all customers as it is well-known for its high-quality and especially its economical price. As for the leg supports, Camp Chef comes with 2 inox legs that could endure and bearable even with lava rocks on. They work totally fine even without those legs.

Not to mention that, this model provides up to 12lbs of lava rocks for you to enjoy a warm and cozy night with your friends and family in the backyard or on the mountain. While doing so, you can still have delicious and cooked meals with the 2 provided sticks as well. Thanks to the detachable 5ft hose that makes everything easier when it comes to the heat capacity which is up to 55,000BTU. Besides, you can also alter the heat by the attached valves too.

5. Volcano Grills Portable Propane Fire Pit

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This is a 3 in 1 ultimate portable propane fire pit that works more efficiently than just the normal ones that we have been reviewing so far. Why would we claim that this model is a 3 in 1 type? Due to its versatility that can be used by different types of fuel, which can either be charcoal, propane gas or wood sticks which are mostly something that need to be used during camping or small backyard celebrations.

What’s more, the fire pit consists of a matte space grey design with holes which allow the smoke to fly in the air when you’re using charcoal or wood. As for the leg support, this model does a brilliant job in providing the stability and toughness to the fire pit since they are thick and sturdy. Another amazing feature is that it comes with a stainless steel grilling mat that is applicable for cooking, grilling and boiling. Inside the pit, there is also a space for roasting as well as being an oven too.

4. Outland Living Heavy Duty Portable Propane Fire Pit

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This one is another alternative for you to consider, if you are specifically looking for something that could fit well with your backyard. This is a propane fire pit which is made by Outland Living 401. This model consists of a knitted brown design in a heavy-duty polypropylene material which is resistant to most weather conditions.

Apart from that, it has been approved by CSA for safety usage as well as premium quality materials constructed. Moreover, it comes with 35,000BTU and 3ft hose which is sufficient for just normal backyard usage.

3. Tacklife Glow in the Dark Portable Propane Fire Pit

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A great tool to have on the go, the portable gas fire pit from TACKLIFE is an amazingly useful, CSA approved fire pit for those to take on the go. What makes the fire pit amazing is how much heat it can output (50,000 BTU) and how efficient it is in burning fuel, as burning propane does not produce smoke. Additionally, this fire pit is designed to withstand heavy use as it is constructed of a steel surface. The flame can easily be adjusted via the ignition switch.

As for safety, the gas hose connected to this fire pit is marked with glow-in the dark fluorescent markings that are 10 feet long, for making it easier to avoid tripping in the dark. Notably, this fire pit is very portable as it is pre assembled and ready to go, as well as having a handle so that users can easily take it with them. To sweeten the deal, Tacklife also comes with a warranty for their product.

2. Stansport Portable Propane Fire Pit

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Coming off to this next portable fire pit made by Stansport 088 has the most powerful heat so far compared to all of the reviewed fire pits. It comes with a 65,000BTU along with the same supported legs style like Camp Chef. Other than that, a heavy duty steel material is constructed and integrated into this one fire pit to produce a fine and flawless product that you’ll ever find on the market. There are also lava rocks provided to help retain the heat to be stable and keep you warm throughout the day. A regulator and hose are provided for you in a box.

1. Outland Firebowl Portable Propane Fire Pit

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A beautifully designed portable fire pit that comes with lava rocks, the Outland Firebowl owes its name to the way it is shaped. The top is coated in protective enamel, made from steel that is shaped like a bowl, and as for the feet, it helps hold up the fire pit in an elevated position, which is also made of steel.

Those who are strongly conscious about the environment can rest assured as this fire pit is CSA approved and does not produce smoke when in use. This fire pit comes with a 10ft hose for connecting to the gas tank, and a handle for easy portability. Not only this, the Outland Firebowl is very powerful as the heat can go up to 58,000, which is more powerful than a few other fire pits on the market. This fire pit is built for safety and to last a long time, as this is what Outland Living is proud to be known for.

Buying Guides:

Choosing the right product that suits your preferences would be an absolute long-term usage. Therefore, you need to be really decisive about it, especially with something that is relating to gas and fire. Let’s take a glance at these few tips to improve your purchase without any hassle:

Placement: it is pretty essential for you to understand your purpose of using it, it is pretty ideal for you to select a table style for backyard usage and a portable one, if you are using it for outdoor activities.

Hose Length: it is highly recommended to seek a detachable hose that varies between 3-10ft of length.

Heat Power: the minimum heat power is likely to be 15,000BTU in total.

Heat Adjustments: as for a propane fire pit, it is a really good idea for each one to come with a valve to adjust the heat pretty easily.

Warranty: since it is something that requires a bit of assembly and careful usage, therefore it is great to ask the seller for a warranty for higher maintenance.


After going through all of the 10 reviews, i’m sure you might have some ideas about how it works and how beneficial it is for you. To sum up, a portable propane fire pit is a necessary component that is needed during your camping activity. Not only it keeps you warm, grilling your food, but also it is suitable for campfire banning areas as they have 0% smoke and not leaving your place dirt with ashes.

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