Top 10 Best Wood Spice Racks 2024 

Having every kind of herbs and spices available on the hand is like heaven for people who love cooking. Usually, spices are stored in jars and they are at times kept at different places. This makes the work even more troublesome for the person who is cooking the food to search for the spices every time he/she cooks. Wood Spice Rack is the thing that is required by you at this moment.

In these racks, you can store all your spices in one place. These wooden racks generally come with glass jars that are labeled with the name of spices. We have searched 10 wooden spice racks for you that you can buy and enjoy cooking even more.

List of the Best Wood Spice Racks in 2024

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10. Welcare Solid Spice Rack


vintage wooden spice rack

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If you are a foodie who loves to cook food, then this wood spice rack is the kind of product that you should buy. With this wooden rack, you would be able to keep all your spices at once space and in a properly labeled jar. It would not help you save a lot of time but would also let you cook your meal without missing any kind of spices. This rack is made from high-quality wood that has a soft surface and is very durable.


  • Made from Australia Beachwood with Satin finish
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Smooth surface with sanded corners and edges
  • Comes with 24 large glass jars with aluminum caps that make them airtight
  • Waterproof and easy to read 3D labels on glass Jars

9. AllSpice Wood Spice Rack


countertop wooden spice rack

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As the name suggests, this product lets you store all kinds of spices in one place. This wood spice rack unit is made out of the best quality of the bamboo frame and comes with a transparent satin finish. This spice rack is the perfect product for you if you love using spices in your food. Once you buy this product you will get 30 large size jars that are big enough to keep sufficient amounts of spices.


  • Made from a high-quality bamboo frame with Satin finish
  • Comes with 30 large size glass containers
  • Glass containers are labeled with waterproof ink to distinguish between spices
  • Smooth surface with sanded corners and edges

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8. KamensteinCriss-Cross 18-Jar Bamboo Countertop Spice Rack


pantry door spice rack organizer

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If you need a wood spice rack that not only helps in sorting spices but also works a masterpiece on the wall, then this is the product you must buy. Made from high-quality wood, this unit is very attractive and appealing when it comes to its design. One of the most amazing things about this product is that you get free refills for 5 years.


  • Comes with 18 glass jars with 16 pre-filled jars included
  • Jars are filled with the premium quality of spices that are FDA approved
  • Its creative design gives you multiple options to place the unit
  • Each jar is clearly labeled for easy identification of the spices

7. Y&ME YM Rustic Wood Floating Shelves


wooden spice rack diy

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Made from real pine wood, these shelves are the best in the market if you need a hanging rack for your spices. These wood spice racks are strong enough to hold the weight of the jars when mounted on the wall. These wooden shelves also give a beautiful look to your drawing room and any other room where you will mount them.


  • Made out of original, strong, and durable pine wood
  • Attractive and creative design
  • Easy to install
  • Equipped with protection bars that prevent spice jars falling on the ground

6. EMS Solid OAK Spice Rack Organizer


large wooden spice rack

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A handcrafted product, this wood spice rack is made from premium grade oak wood. It is a four-tier wall-mounted rack that can be installed easily on the wall. Apart from storing all your spices, this rack becomes a great piece for home décor because of amazing finishing. With four tiers, you can keep every kind of spice on this rack.


  • Made from original oak wood
  • Four tiers give you enough space to keep all kinds of spices
  • Easy to install
  • Creative and appealing design

5. AdirChef Wooden Spice Rack – Includes 60 Jars

wooden spice rack stand

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This wood spice rack by Adirchef is a beautifully constructed wooden spice rack that ensures strength and durability. This rack is available in 6 different shades to choose from so you can select the color matching with your kitchen decor. Also, the specie rack comes in 30 and 60 jar capacities respectively so you can one buy one based on your needs and preferences. It also offers two orientations for your convenience while cooking in the kitchen.

With its orientations, you can organize your spice jars whatever way you want. Each wooden spice rack comes complete with glass jars of 3.5 oz capacity. Each of these jars contains pre-printed, water-resistant cap labels for easy identification. With its space-saving design, you can keep all your spices ready when you cook without wasting time searching for various spices.


  • Made of solid wood
  • Choice of two orientations
  • Available in 30 and 60 jars Capacity
  • Space-Saving Design
  • Comes in 6 shades
  • Durable glass jars

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4. Ikea Spice Rack


wooden spice container

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This is an eco-friendly wood spice rack that is made out of the best quality of wood. When mounted on the wall, this rack can hold many spice jars easily. It is also equipped with a protective shield that prevents your spice jars from falling off from the rack. Its compact size consumes very little space on the wall. The attractive and appealing design makes it a home décor item as well.


  • Made from solid wood
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Comes with a protective wooden rod
  • Attractive and appealing

3. TQVAI Pack Wooden Spice Rack Organizer


farmhouse spice rack

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With its amazing design and high-quality wood, this wood spice rack is the best in the market. It’s amazing to finish gives an appealing design, as a result, this unit could be mounted on the walls in the office, home, restaurant, etc. You can also store beverages and other things on this rack apart from spice jars. It is equipped with a protective wooden rod that prevents your spice jars from falling off the rack.


  • Eco-friendly product
  • Made from high-quality of the product
  • Multipurpose uses
  • Equipped with a protective rod
  • Easy to install
  • Consumes less wall space

2. 2-Tier Adjustable Bamboo Spice Rack


midland premium spice rack

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A small yet elegant product, this 2 tier wood spice rack is made from bamboo that gives it super strength. You can use this spice rack to store all kinds of spice jars that you require while cooking your meals. Countertop products are the most preferred products these days as they provide you enough space on the kitchen counter to cook meals and this product does the same.


  • Consumes less space
  • Enough space to store many spice and pickle jars
  • Beautiful and appealing design
  •  Can be customized according to your preference

1. McCormick Gourmet Organic Spice Rack


countertop wooden spice rack

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 It is a three-tier wood spice rack that comes with spice jars filled with premium quality of spices. This spice jar includes 24 types of bestselling and top-quality spices. You can install this rack by mounting it on the wall or by using a Countertop. In both ways, it will give a beautiful look.


  • Easy to install
  • Made from high quality of wood
  • Comes with premium quality of spices
  • Attractive and beautiful design

Frequently Asked Questions

Which material is good to store spices – glass or plastic?

Glass jars are always the best and most recommended material to store expensive and high-quality spices. Plastic can be porous through which a small amount of air can pass in the jar and damage your spices. Glass jars can extend its shelf life.

What is the average shelf life of spice?

Whole spices can remain fresh for up to four years, while ground spices last between 3.5 – 4 years. Spices in the form of dried herbs can last up to 3 years but it depends on the type of each herb. For dried herbs, many will last from one to three years, but it varies depending on the type.

How can you save your spices from getting damaged?

We recommend you store your spices in a dark and cool place, away from any kind of heat, moisture, and light. Always store spices away from sources of heat, light, and moisture.


Since there are a myriad of wood spice rack options available on the market, it is hard to choose the best one. In our list, we have included the best products available after our thorough research. We hope that this review list of top Wood spice racks will narrow down your options and will help you find the best one that will best suit your needs.

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