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Welcome to the Economical Chef

Glad you made it. My main goal is to help you save money and eat great. It’s really that simple. By checking out my site, I know that you will learn how to save a few bucks (or maybe a large handful) while cooking fresh, simple meals at the same time. The Economical Chef will always be focused around three main food pillars:


– The Economical Chef has a slightly different interpretation of “healthy”. Healthy to most means low fat or low calorie. Maybe it means high in protein or sans gluten. For the EC, eating and living healthy is all about fueling your body. A majority of the time, yes, that means eating chicken, or quinoa, or green beans or whatever. But it also does not mean ridding your diet of of the occasional beer (or two or three) or ice cream or donuts or whatever keeps you going. “Everything in moderation” – my mother has never spoken truer words. All in all, you have to live with balance, and The Economical Chef will teach you how cook and eat when you are trying to stay on the healthier side of that dividing line. At the end of the day, I just want you to fuel your body and feel good.


– I love to cook, but I hate to follow recipes. I am sick of 99% of the recipes I find today telling me to buy 20 ingredients (16 of which I would never use again), follow 10 precise steps, and wait 3 hours to cook something that looks and tastes nothing like the picture featured online. The Economical Chef will only post recipes that are short, clear and simple. Most of the time the recipe will act more as a guideline rather than instructions. Is broccoli not on sale? Fine, use cauliflower. Grocery store out of tilapia? Try cod instead. Point is, cooking should be fun and inspire creativity. So be creative, and follow my simple recipes as guidelines. I guarantee these recipes will be a step up from throwing chicken in the oven and calling it a day like your body builder roommate used to (I’m looking at you, Rob).


– Everyone who knows me well would call me “cheap”I like to think of myself as economicalI know how to stretch a dollar better than most, and it comes from years of experience and lessons from the most financially-savvy father you’ll ever meet. So, not only will I teach you how to cook healthy, simple meals, but you will also learn how to do so without breaking the metaphorical bank. Whether it is eating out or cooking at home (and its usually cooking at home), you will be the new master (for lack of a better word) of your wallet.

Hopefully this gave you a good sense of what the Economical Chef is all about. Tune in next time for my first ever recipe – a gourmet fish dinner for less than $5.00 a serving.

If at anytime you have questions or are looking for more information, shoot me an email in the contact form.

Thanks for reading!

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