Top 10 Best Non-Electric Water Distillers in 2024

Since many bacterias, viruses and chemicals as well as other substances can be easily contaminated in our drinking water, the use of a non-electric water distiller is highly needed and recommended to ensure a safe and pure drinking water supply.

Therefore, purchasing a more advanced and effective water distiller is a very important decision to make. In order to provide easier access to the best product, below is a list of the top ten best non-electric water distillers selected with care and precision.

Here the Best Non-electric Water Distillers in 2024

SaleBest Choice #. 1
KITCHEN CROP VKP Brands Stainless Steel Water Distiller
KITCHEN CROP VKP Brands Stainless Steel Water Distiller
WORKS ON ALL STOVETOPS: Induction, Electric, Ceramic, and Gas.; EFFICIENT: Produces up to 1 Qt/Hr. Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Best Choice #. 2
D-Stil Lite(tm) Do It Yourself Emergency Survival Water Distiller
D-Stil Lite(tm) Do It Yourself Emergency Survival Water Distiller
Survival Emergency Do It Yourself Emergency Distiller; Use Your Own Pots; 8-10 Cups of water per hour
Best Choice #. 3
Emergency Survival Water Distiller and Gravity Filter Combination GRAVI-Stil Auto Fill Feature
Emergency Survival Water Distiller and Gravity Filter Combination GRAVI-Stil Auto Fill Feature
Stainless Steel Non-Electric Water Distiller/Desalinator Producing 8-10+ Cups per Hour; Gravity Water Filter Producing upto 5 Gallon per Hour
Best Choice #. 5
Kingsunshine 1.5 Gallon Pure Copper Boiler Pot Alembic Still Wine Alcohol Water Distiller
Kingsunshine 1.5 Gallon Pure Copper Boiler Pot Alembic Still Wine Alcohol Water Distiller
A pure copper body takes shape,not have any weld ,very safy and very healthy; Non-toxic pure copper material, durable use and safe
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10. Water Wise Under-sink or Countertop Non-Electric Water Distiller

waterwise distiller

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The Waterwise powerful water distiller can be operated with or without electricity with best water distiller’s performance. With this water distiller, users can enjoy up to an amount of 16 gallons of pure and safe water. Moreover during the purifying process the distiller is capable of making little to no noise at all. This water distiller is composed up of two separate modular parts made from high quality and durable stainless steel. It should also be mentioned that the set up procedure of this non-electric water distiller will be an easy breeze for users as the water distiller parts are already pre-assembled. In addition to this, a digital countdown timer is also included in the package as well.

Without consuming an electricity, this water distiller is a great device to have at home for distilling water and is also an ideal product to bring along for camping as a backup for the electric distilling tool. Life will be more convenient and hygienic with the help of it.

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9. Megahome Countertop Non-Electric Water Distiller

high volume water distiller

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This water distiller has the best quality and ensures the users of its high performance in providing pure, safe and healthy drinking water. The water distiller is made with UL certified stainless steel design, both exterior and interior. Other features such as an upper steam boiler dome, stainless cords and a boil chamber are also included in the design. With this non-electric water distiller, users can distill up to 1 gallon of water within every consecutive 5.5 hours. The device will activate optional filters to fully distill and produce an effective distillation result. In addition to all the existing features, the package also has a porcelain nozzle and a glass bottle along with the functional water distiller.

For a healthy and pure water drinking supply, choose this UL approved non-electric water distiller to provide you and your family high quality drinking water. A year full product warranty is provided to purchasers to ensure a satisfied product and service with every purchase of the water distiller.

8. CO-Z Non-Electric Water Distiller

survival still water distiller

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As for this non-electric water distiller, it has an easy to function, maintain and use feature. Users can easily use the water distiller machine without any complicated setup or processing procedure. In addition to that, the cartridges as well as the glass are easy to maintain and do not require any maintenance for most of the time. There are also large openings providing easy access for cleaning and refilling for both the distiller and the carafe. With this machine, up to 6 gallons maximum of water can be distilled into pure and safe drinking water per day. Besides all of these functions, the distillers also have thermostatic protection features to prevent overheating and burn-out.

This safe and fully functional non electric water distiller is a great tool to have at home for pure and healthy water supply for everyone in the family. A one year limited product warranty is also given to the users when purchasing this one.

7. WMN_TRULYSTEP Non-Electric Water Distiller Machine

salt water distillation kit

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This home water distiller offers qualities such as a non-toxic and pure drinking water, a well constructed device and many other features. Although there are different ways to operate this non electric water distiller, it gives the same great distilling results whether for wine making, water distillation or extracting oils etc. As for the material construction of this device, it is well made from stainless steel and non-toxic, safe red copper material. Another great function of this great water distiller lies in its built-in thermometer which will give convenience temperature inspection during the distillation process.

Make use of this non-electric water distilling device in various ways possible to get a satisfying and great quality result. The many efficient and beneficial features of the distiller makes it a very well received product.

6. OLizee Stainless Steel Non Electric Water Distiller

waterwise distiller

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For this stainless steel non-electric distiller, it has a great packing deal with high performing results. First of all, this non-electric distiller can be used for many various distilling methods and uses. It is made from stainless steel and non-toxic copper materials that ensure the safety and effectiveness of the distilled water as a result. Another important note for the product materials is its strong durability and long lasting effectiveness that works very well for the long run. Other than this, the water distiller machine can contain up to 8 liters of liquids and raw materials.

This non-electric water distiller is safe to use for both indoor and outdoor purposes while providing the same great results. The distiller also comes with extra accessories such as a condenser, an extended pipe, a thermometer and many more.

5. ROVSUN BPA-free Non Electric Water Distiller

camping distiller

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This stylish and modern water distiller is an all round effective tool with great functionality. The water distiller does not need electricity to operate and can effectively remove contaminants found within the water to provide pure and clean water for users. Most importantly, the smart design allows the water distiller to provide clean, distilled water for up to 6 gallons of maximum water per day. Another great feature from the design as well is the safety system installed to prevent the product from overheating and ensure an auto-off feature. In addition to this, the water distiller product is also easy to use and clean up as well with high quality stainless steel tank, BPA-free container made from plastic and other high quality and non-toxic materials.

This countertop water distiller is a guaranteed product that is authorized by the FDA and CE for its great performance, quality and longevity. Moreover, great benefits, gifts and warranty are provided with the purchase of this non-electric water distiller.

4. Waterwise Non-Electric Water Distiller

Non-Electric Water Distiller With Cleaner Kit

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With this no electric water distiller, it can produce up to a maximum of 16 gallons of effectively distilled water. It can also come with a 40 oz container bottle of distiller cleaner to maintain the cleanliness and hygiene of the water distiller. As for the construction of the device, it is designed with a 3-tray compartment water distiller made from stainless steel and a broiler pan. The dimension of the water distiller is measured as approximately 11 ½” measured in height and has an outside diameter of 13 1.8” without handles. In addition to all these features, the package of this distiller also includes a digital monitoring timer, food grade, and also hi-temp tubing.

Clean water will help keep you healthy and prevent chemicals, bacterias and other harmful substances from entering your body. Keep your water distilled and safe with the assistance from this non-electric water distiller and provided a cleaner kit.

3. OLizee 2 Gallon Stainless Steel Water Alcohol Distiller Copper

Home Brew Moonshine Still Spirits 8L Wine Making

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This capable and functional water distiller has a distinctive and attractive outer design and great components. The water distiller has a boiler diameter measured as 25 x 18 cm. As for the material of the product, it is constructed with a copper cooler that is non-toxic and safe along with a stainless cup made from steel and a lengthy copper pipe. Moreover the non-electric water distiller has an independent designed airway, allowing the distillate an easier and faster raise which will also deliver a higher water purity rate. Another extra function of the water distiller is its diverse functionality, it can also be used as a fruit wine distiller, to distilled brandy, refined plant extracts and many more purposes.

Purify and distill your water to enjoy a healthy and safe lifestyle for you and your family. Make purchase of this product that is both convenient, electric-free and beneficial to create a healthy lifestyle.

2. Pure Water Non-Electric Water Distiller

Pure Water Mini-Classic CT 120v Counter Top Distiller

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Pure water can be obtained with the help from this mini countertop water distiller from Pure Water. The design of this non-electric water distiller is able to produce approximately 3 gallons of purified water within a span of 3.5 hours. Another feature of this water distiller is the material it is made from. The water distiller has stainless steel with high quality material construction to ensure the product durability and incredible longevity. In addition to the construction of the product, a comfortable glass jar is also provided with the water distiller. Moreover, this no electric water distiller also has a double-clad feature to prevent burning and overheating.

This water distiller can be easily cleaned and refilled with the use of a removable boiling mini tank capable of providing safe and clean water for use. Make sure your family is safe and healthy with the help of this water distiller.

1. Domingo Petrucci Direct Non- Electric Water Distiller

Domingo Petrucci Direct Brushed Stainless Steel Water Distiller

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This countertop non-electric water distiller has great designing and functioning features making it a very useful device to purify water. It is made from stainless steel and trustworthy and high grade plastic to ensure safety and cleanliness of the water. Importantly, this water distiller has an antique water filtering way of procession which enables the device to separates the water from harmful substances. It is capable of purifying up to 4 liters of water at an hourly speed of 1.5 liters. Moreover, this distiller is also equipped with a safeguard system that will automatically stop the device when the temperature inside arrives at 320 degrees fahrenheit.

A one year full warranty is also given to purchasers along with each purchase of the product. Keep yours and your family’s health away from risks by drinking safe and clean water by having this water distiller at home.

Buying Guides

Although non-electric water distillers products can be found easily within the market, there are not many great quality and efficient ones. Therefore to ensure that the product purchased is indeed a correct choice, here are some buying guides to keep in mind before making your purchase.


There are various water distiller designs and construction, keep in mind regarding the product model you are looking for and how it fits with your place conditions. It is also a good idea to take note of the product design’s functionality.


It is a great idea to know of the material of the product. For a water distiller to be effective and have a high performance rate, it is recommended that the product has stainless and durable materials components.


The non-electric water distillers all have different capabilities and produce different amounts of distilled water each hour, it is most recommended to be aware of the capabilities of the water distiller making the purchase.


Additional features can be found variously according to each non-electric water distiller model and designs. The better the features, the more likely that the product will give more effective and convenience results.


Consuming water with high quality that has no bacterias, chemicals and other harmful substances is the best way to keep a healthy lifestyle. In order to have access to a pure, safe water supply at home as well as any other places, it is essential to have a non-electric water distiller to make the distilling process easier and more convenient.

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