Top 10 Best Wine Glass Holders in 2021

For wine lovers, they probably have a lot of wine glasses in which different glasses suit different types of wine. Yet, having too many wine glasses can sometimes be troublesome when it comes to keeping them organized. Glass wine holders are a problem solver as they can save some space and make sure that the kitchen and counter are well organized. In this article, we will present to you the top 10 wine glass holders dozens of wine lovers swear by.

List of the Best Wine Glass Holders in 2021

Best Choice #. 1
Great Credentials Set of 2-10-Inch Long, Wine Glass Rack, Wire Hanging Rack, Wine Glass Hanging...
Thick steel rack fits under most kitchen cabinet.; Easy installation capable to install side by side to hold more stemware
SaleBest Choice #. 4
Scrollwork Black Metal Freestanding Tabletop Stemware Storage Rack/Wine Glass Cup Holder with 6...
Features 6 curved wine glass hook that are designed to rotate on the central pole; Official MyGift product includes wine glass rack only. Other items are not included.**
SaleBest Choice #. 8
KOHLER Collapsible Wine Glass Holder or Drying Rack. Collapsible to 1.25", Holds Up To 6 glasses,...
Pillow pattern design promotes airflow for stemless glasses resting on base; Folds away for easy storage
Best Choice #. 11
Under Cabinet Wine Glass Stemware Rack Holder Hanger for Kitchen Home Bar (4-Pack)
Chrome rack; Width From Front: 4 Inches, Length Of The Rack:10 1/4 Inches; Screws included.

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10. FOMANSH Wine Glass Holder Rack Under Cabinet

Glasses Storage Hanger Metal Organizer for Bar Kitchen Black

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Let’s begin with this well-reviewed wine glass holder from FOMANSH. This one has three colors such as black, brown, and gold. It comes with the mounting hardware. It is very convenient to install and you can finish installing it in a matter of minutes. This product can help you organize your wine glass, and it does not take up a lot of space in your place as it only needs a little bit of cabinet space. The number of the wine glass that it can hold is not fixed as if it is a small wine glass, it can hold about 9 wine glasses. But, if it is a large wine glass, it can hold about 6 wine glasses.

Additionally, the wine holder can be used to hold many different types of glasses such as champagne glasses, burgundy glasses, cocktails, and more. It fits almost all the kitchen cabinets. Made from durable iron and a top-grade iron, durability is not a problem. To make sure that the wine holder will not rust, this rack comes with high-grade coating. It is very tough and solid which is very hard to reformat, twist, or bend.

9. MyGift Freestanding Wine Glass Holder with 6 hooks

Wine Glass Cup Holder with 6 Hooks

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Up next, we have a wine glass holder from MyGift. Two colors such as black and gold are available for you to choose from. The material that is used to make this glass holder is a high-quality metal which is very durable that it could last for years. The glass holder is also very heavy duty which is not easy to bend or break. What’s more, the unit has a black finish which makes this product look even more beautiful and elegant. And, the glass capacity is six glasses as it has six curved hooks.

If you feel like you want to rotate it, you can as the central pole is rotatable. This one is suitable to place it on the tabletop counter which makes it easier for you to find or reach it when you have a guest. It can be used to hold a variety of glass types such as champagne flutes, tulip glasses, wine glasses, or other stemmed drinkware. It is made to hold the wine glasses upside down, so that it will not easily get any dust.

8. MOCOUM Wine Glasses Rack Under Cabinet

Wire Wine Glass Holder Storage Hanger for Cabinet Kitchen Bar

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The following wine glass holder is MOCOUM. This product is designed to have four rows. It could hold about 12 glasses if the glass had a base of 1.6 inches. But, if the wine glasses have a base of 3.5 inches, then it can only hold up to 8 wine glasses. In addition, this unit was constructed with top quality iron. It also has a high great finish which can withstand rust very well.

This rack can be used with multiple glass types such as white wine glasses, Bordeaux wine glasses, or cocktail glasses. Assembly is required, and it can be done very quickly as you can set it up in just a few minutes. This glass holder has a compact construction which could save you a lot of your cabinet space and you can install under your shelf which makes your bar décor or kitchen even more attractive and elegant. Besides that, it can be placed in the bathroom or sitting room. Pluus, cleaning this glass holder is not a difficult task.

7. FineDine High Grade Wood Wine Glass Rack – 100% Natural Bamboo Wine Holder

360° Swivel Free Standing Wine Glass Rack

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Subsequently, we have a wine glasses holder from FineDine. This product is eco-friendly as it is one hundred percent made of pure bamboo. It is safe to use as it does not have any chemicals, have any odors and it also does not cause any harm to the environment. Using this product could help you save a lot of space. it can hold four wine glasses and a 750 ml bottle of wine. To make it easy for you to access it, this unit is designed to have a 360-degree rotation in which your guest can reach the wine glasses easily. They do not need to rise when they want to take the glass. It is very easy to assemble this one as you only need to insert the wooden rods to attach the bottom and the top parts.

Furthermore, this product is perfect to place it at formal events, dinners, parties, or informal gatherings. It can be used on the table or the countertop.

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6. Wallniture Wine Glass Hanger Rack Under Cabinet Kitchen Bar

Wine Glass Hanger Rack Under Cabinet Kitchen Bar

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Over here, let’s look at the wine glass holder from Wallniture. The gladd holder is built-in two with racks, and each rack can hold about 5 wine glasses that have a base 3.6 inches. You only need a few minutes to assemble this produc. All you need to do is mount it to that location that you want to place. Besides, this glass holder comes with two bundles. It also helps organize your space and could save you some of the space on the bar cart, counter, server, buffet, credenza, hutch, cabinets, etc.

This product can be used with multiple glass types such as champagne glasses, burgundy glasses, cocktail, and more. It is made from a high-quality metal which is strong and tough. Moreover, it is not easy to get bent and twisted. Made to be rust and corrosion proof, this one will serve you for years.. It was made to hold the glass upside down so that it will be dust-free.

5. Gonioa Glasses Storage Hanger Organizer for Cabinet Kitchen Bar

Gonioa Wine Glass Holder

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The top fifth wine glass holder is from Gonioa. This unit comes with three racks, and it can hold about 9 glasses on each of the racks. This one also features a top-quality iron construction. It is also resistant to rust as it has been finished with a high-grade coating.

In addition, the glass holder is very tough and heavy-duty which is hard to bend, twist, and not easy to get damaged or broken. It comes with mounting hardware. The unit needs to be assembled but it will be very quick as it will take you only a few minutes to get the installation done. Besides, this product is suitable for holding many different types of glass such as champagne glasses, burgundy glasses, cocktail glasses, and more.

What’s more, the glass holder is very safe to use as it is very stable and not easy to fall. It is made to be compact so that you can save some space in the cabinet, buffet, counter, hutch, bar cart, or credenza space. Adding this product to your home or bar will make your place look eye-catching as well.

4. Deco Brothers Wine Glass Hanging Holder

Chrome wine glass hanger

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Next, we have a wine glass holder from Deco Brothers. This one has three rows and each of the rows can hold up to 9 stems. If the wine glass is small, then it could hold 9 wine glasses. However, it could hold only 6 wine glasses if the wine glass is big. The material that is used to make this product is gauge steel which is very sturdy and strong. It is also very durable and ideal for long-term use. Without a doubt, this unit is also not easy to get bent and twisted as well. It can be used to place in the kitchen cabinet and it almost could fit all of the kitchen cabinets.

You only need a few minutes to install this glass holder. It is also not easy to get rust as it has a high-quality finish. It is perfect to use it as a gift for Christmas, birthday, or housewarming. It can be used to hold a lot of glass types such as champagne flutes, wine glasses, tulip glasses, or other stemmed drinkware.

3. Fox Run Mounted Under-Cabinet Wooden Wine Glass Holder Rack

Wooden wine glass hanger

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Fox Run glass holders are also packed with features. This glass holder comes with four wooden rails. It is constructed from natural hardwood. You can place champagne glasses, cocktail glasses, or burgundy glasses on this glass holder nicely. It can hold about 6 wine glasses for small glasses. But ,it can hold 8 wine glasses if the wine glasses are big.

Not only can the wine glass holder help organize your kitchen but it also can enhance your living room’s décor which makes it look even more elegant. To prevent dust from accumulating over the wine glasses, glasses are hung upside down on this glass holder.

2. Rustic State Wall Mounted Wood Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder

Wine Bottle and Wine Glass Holder Stemware Rack Storage Walnut

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One of the best wine glass holders is from Rustic State. This one comes in beautiful walnut. The main material chosen is wood. This one comes in the shape of a rectangle. To make sure that this holder is dust-free, it is made to hold the wine glasses upside down.

In addition, this unit is designed to be lightweight. It is very easy to assemble and you also can uninstall it very quickly if you feel like you want to change its location. Thanks to the wall-mounting feature, that can save a lot of space in your hutch, buffet, cart, credenza, or kitchen cabinets. For your information, the glass holder can hold up to four wine glasses.

It can hold a different type of glass such as champagne glasses, burgundy glasses, wine glasses, or cocktail glasses. Not only it could hold four wine glasses, but it has a wall ledge you can put wine and tiny items on it.

1. MyGift 6-Hook Artistic Elegant Freestanding Silver Metal Countertop Wine Glass Holder

Countertop Wine Glass Holder Stand Stemware Rack

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Last but not least, we have a lovely wine glass holder from MyGift. This one comes in copper tone. It is constructed with high-quality metal, and capable of holding up to 6 glasses. It is designed to hold the glasses upside down for fasting drying and to prevent dust from building up on your glasses.

It is perfect to use this product as a gift on Christmas, housewarming, or birthday. Although it has a lightweight, it is very strong and durable and can serve you for years. It is also hard to get bent or twisted. You can place this item in your dining room or kitchen as it can deck you space with style, too.

Besides, please be informed that this holder can hold multiple glass types such as wine glasses, champagne glasses, or cocktail glasses, or burgundy glasses. You will love having this gorgeous glass holder in your home.

Buying Guides

Material: the wine glass holder should be made from top quality metal or iron. These materials are known to be tough and heavy-duty. They won’t bend or break easy, and will be able to serve you for decades.

Capacity: You do not want to waste your money to buy the product that could only hold two or three glasses. The glass holder should be able to hold at least four glasses. It is even better if it could hold more glasses. However, feel free to get a holder that suits the number of wine glasses you own.

Rust-resistant: You do not want to buy a product that easily rust. Hence, you should find a wine glass holder that has a top-quality coating for an extra rush protection factor.


You have just checked out the top 10 best wine glass holders. Glass holders are great space-savers. In addition to that, they can deck your space with space while offering a proper location for you to store your valuable wine glasses nicely, safely, and dust-free. Many of these options above will cater to your needs well.

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