Top 10 Best Breakfast Trays in 2024

Breakfast trays are used for serving breakfast when you want to eat in bed. A breakfast in bed sounds great on Sunday mornings as it would be nice to enjoy your favorite meal in the bed instead of sitting at the dining table all the time. Moreover, if you want to serve your loved ones, your sleepover best-friend, or your guests and clients, you will need a breakfast tray.

On the other hand, you do not need to purchase the luxury one but the one that is comfortable, portable and foldable would be perfect. So, have you had any options for your considerations yet? If not, this article will be very useful for you as it will cover the ten best and top-rated breakfast trays. You can choose one of these to use at home or serve your customers in a hotel.

List of the 10 Best Breakfast Trays in 2024

Breakfast Tray Reviews

10. LapGear Media Breakfast Tray

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Made from natural bamboo, LapGear breakfast tray is environmentally-friendly, renewable and much more beautiful than wood material. It is perfect for serving breakfast, deserts, drink or any other food in the bed. The stand of the tray offers the perfect height, which allows you to eat and do other things without any inconvenience or difficulty. What’s more, this one can also be used for working as it fits most tablets and laptops.

Furthermore, there is a media slot that you can keep your phone or tablet for watching or reading during eating. This media shot provides two viewing angles to match best with your position. With the cutout handles and contoured tray lip, you can carry the food or drink from kitchen to your bed without the risk of falling off the tray.

The foldable legs make it even easier for storing flat so that it will not take up your space. This multi-purpose tray can be washed without much effort.

9. Cozihoma Breakfast Tray with Folding Legs

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Cozihoma breakfast tray is produced from bamboo, which is eco-friendly material, meaning it is anti-bacterial and mite. This kind of construction provides stability. Hence, you do not have to worry that it will collapse or shake. The smooth surface tray can be held easily with the two hollowed handles and foldable legs. The surrounding tray lips ensure that the item will not drop on the floor or spill out on your clothes. It is perfect for both outdoor and indoor activities.

Additionally, you can use this as your working desk on your bed. You do not have to lie uncomfortably like you used to. You can clean the tray by using a wet towel to wipe out the debris but do not soak the tray if you want to use it a lifetime. This high quality serving tray is sturdy enough to hold up 20kg, you can put a plate of pancake, a bowl of desert and a cup of orange juice in the tray at the same time.

8. Zhu Chuang Multifunctional Breakfast Tray

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The construction of renewable and natural bamboo, Zhu Chuang tray comes out in advanced technique, high-density bed tray. It will not deform or breakable easily. Using E1 standard glue with 6 layers of base coat and 2 layers of coat finished, the tray has mold proof surface. This bed tray is made for multi functions such as serving desk, laptop desk, breakfast or dinner tray, workstation or standing desk. More especially, the watching and reading desk as it has a holder, which can hold mobile phones and tablets. Besides, there is also a holder for your drinking cup, preventing it from tilting.

Since the legs are foldable, it only takes a little space to keep it. And, it is obvious that when you fold it, it will become a tray for serving drinks and so on. With this structure, the quality of this item is incredibly durable, allowing you to use it for a longer period of time.

7. Zhuoyue Natural Bamboo Breakfast Tray

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Crafting from natural bamboo, Zhuoyue breakfast tray has an exquisite look. It has been designed with a lipped tabletop to prevent the items from slipping off. Besides, it allows you to carry it with ease. This smooth surface bed tray can be cleaned effortlessly by wiping it with damp clothes or a towel. It is light in weight and the legs are foldable, that is why it is perfect for moving around from one place to another.

Having this breakfast tray, it does not mean you can only use it for serving breakfast in bed. It can also be used for other purposes, including writing or drawing tables, working tables, and reading books on the bed.

In addition, when you fold the leg, you can use it as a serving tray for serving food and drink to your guest. It would look really beautiful in front of your guest. At the same time, this foldable legs tray needs a little room to store.

6. Seatzone Breakfast Tray Serving Tray

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Seatzone used different material to manufacture breakfast trays. The material is wood but this wood creation is different from others as it is anti-corrosion and mold. It is just like other brands as it can be used for tons of purposes like studying or working desk, coffee desk, laptop older, etc. The Seatzone wood tray comes in lip surrounding design so you do not have to be panicked when you unintentionally drop your drink. The liquid will not be able to spill off the tray onto your bed sheet or clothes.

Making durably and sturdily, the tray is tough but light in weight. Therefore, you can move it from the kitchen to your bed without much hassle. The tray is also perfect for outdoor picnics. The tray will catch everyone’s eyes in the green field because of its beautiful look. More importantly, the foldable legs take only a little bit of space to store when you do not use it.

5. Greenco Foldable Breakfast Tray

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Greenco breakfast tray is known as the strong and durable bed tray and its look is even astonishing in light brown. As for the reason, it is crafted from 100% natural bamboo which is why it comes in good quality. This elegant tray would make your house look luxurious if you use it as a decoration holder. With the two hollowed handles and foldable legs, you can serve your guest professionally and easily unlike the metal tray. Along with that, you can hold conveniently without much pressure.

With the lip surrounding, you can use it with ease since it is not going to fall out of the tray to the ground. You can wash this smooth touch tray with mild soap and warm water. However, if you want to use it for a longer duration, you need to occasionally use bamboo oil. Having this high quality and affordable product, you will never have to spend your money on other brands.

4. Winsome Wood Breakfast Tray

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Designed as a curved-side tray, Winsome oversized breakfast tray is well-known among the users. This bed tray is produced from wood in walnut finished. It looks elegant and really smooth to touch. The carved handles of the tray make it transferable from kitchen to another area without any problem. As well as, its curved sides structure will support the food from falling over. If you want to use it as a serving tray, you can fold the legs. Having this walnut bed tray makes your breakfast look fresher than before.

What’s more, the cleaning work can be done easily as you just use the damping clothes to wipe out the dropped liquid or food. You do not have to be concerned that it will get the color faded or get the surface scratched. Since it is already assembled you can use it immediately when the delivery gets to your home.

3. Home-it Breakfast Tray

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Crafted from natural bamboo, Home-it breakfast tray is strong, durable, stable and beautiful different from ordinary one in the market. This tray comes with handles for mobility and the legs, you can fold easily so that you can store and clean it effortlessly. With the surrounding tray lips, you do not need to worry about falling over or spilling liquid. Consequently, you can use it for serving food and drink to warm your guest, client or customer. It is perfect for plenty of occasions. You can use it for decoration display; it would make your living room or dining room look luxurious.

The cleaning work of this breakfast tray is effortless as you can wash it by hand with mild soap and warm water. This smooth and elegant tray would let you enjoy your breakfast in bed or in longue conveniently and happily. It is also perfect as a housewarming gift.

2. Jibanie Folding Breakfast Tray

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Jibinie breakfast in a bed tray is constructed from durable and sleek bamboo, making it more sturdy than regular plastic stands. Portable is an important factor for all the users, this is why Jibanie manufactured this tray with two hollowed handles and foldable legs. As a result, you can carry it or travel with it without any difficulty or problem since it takes only little space for storage. It is great for daily activity and outdoor picnic as well. With the tray lips, serving your guest would be easier and convenient than before.

After using it, if it is dirty, you can clean it up with a wet towel then dry it for prolonged use. This essential item should have at home as it offers you more than one benefit. Plus, it would be so hard to lie on your bed and write or work because your body will get sore. So, why don’t you use this multi-functional tray as it is very affordable too?

1. Artmeer Bamboo Breakfast Tray

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This platter breakfast tray is from Artmeer. It is produced from durable wooden and natural bamboo material, which made it very strong to withstand heavy weight and offer full support. Designed magnificently with a cutout handle, it will not only look stylish but you can hold it to transfer your food from the cooking room to your lovely bed. With the lips that are surrounded, food and other beverages will not be piling off the tray onto your clothes, bed sheet or furniture.

Apart from that, if you enjoy outdoor activities, this foldable legs tray will be your best companion because you can fold it to store and then unfold for writing in the park, drawing by the lake, working and eating. Your weekend would be so nice and relaxing. Before putting it back, you can wash the table with water. you can use bamboo oil for longer duration use.

Buying Guideline

Purchasing breakfast trays can be very simple and uncomplicated but to pick the best one out of many choices might be hard. This is why we have come with a guideline that includes several important factors, making it easier for you to pick the greatest one of all.

Material: everyone’s favorite would be the wooden or bamboo tray as it looks simple but attractive. It is easy to maintain and clean as well. Plus, it is sturdy and durable to use.

Size: Clearly, trays come in various sizes and it depends on your reference, whether you want it smaller or bigger space. But normally, you might want the one with wide space so that you can place more food.

Handle: the most important part is the handle. Undoubtedly, it would be a lot easier for you to carry without the risk of dropping your meal. That is why you need to make sure that the handle is strong.

Weight: you would want to purchase the one with lightweight as when you store food on the tray, it would add weight so it might be a little heavy to lift. However, you cannot choose the one that is too light because it would not be able to support the food.

Foldable leg: if the legs are foldable, then you can store it easily without taking much space. And, you can use it as a serving tray like a drink or cookies to your guests.


Happiness is breakfast in bed. However, if you do not have the tray, it will just be even more difficult. With these top 10 best breakfast trays and buying guidelines, we bet you now are able to get a nice one without a hassle.

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