10 Best Ceramic Bowls for Ramen, Soup, Salad and Mores in 2024

Ceramic bowls are considered a high quality and valuable product. Thus, there are many products out there that were produced without a proper standard. Not only those products will get damaged easily, but they might also cause some effects on your health if they were made with toxic substances.

Hence, choosing a high quality bowl is not really an easy task. Still, we’ve gotten your back. If you are currently looking to buy ceramic bowls, these top 10 brands will be the ones who must check out. Keep reading to find more about these products and pick the best one for yourself.

List of the Best Ceramic Bowls in 2024

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10. Bruntmor Ceramic Dessert Bowls – Colorful White Ice Cream Bowls Set

Small Serving Bowls for Side Dish, Snack, Dessert, Soup, Dip Bowls

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The first product in the list is the round collection ceramic bowl from Bruntmor. What’s great about this product is that it is designed for absolute practicality. A set of Bruntmor bowls includes 4 bowls that can be used to serve small meals, snacks and even ice cream. Selecting only BPA-free as an ingredient, this bowl is completely safe to use despite washing nor serving with hot or cold food. This Bruntmor bowl set is more for daily use since it has no messy pattern.

Besides, the curved shape of it also makes it very safe to handle and to avoid slipping of your hand. Last but not least, it is also perfect for space saving as the size of it is not too big and you can simply stack it on each other to store properly. You can also clean them in the dishwasher.

9. Unbreakable Cereal Bowls – 24 OZ Wheat Straw Fiber Lightweight Bowl Sets 4

Dishwasher & Microwave Safe Bowls for Rice and Soup

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Another eco-friendly ceramic bowl is from RUNJU-ZP. One of the most special things about this product compared to many others on the market is RUNJU-ZP is made entirely from natural organic wheat fiber that is free from BPA and toxic chemicals. It’s also odorless and super environmental-friendly. Unlike any plastic made bowl, this one is very safe to use; especially when serving with hot foods. In terms of application, you can also use a RUNJU-ZP bowl in the dishwasher or microwave.

Besides, RUNJU-ZP is so sturdy that it won’t break easily even when falling down. When using it to put your kid’s meal, you would not have to worry a lot about whether this bowl could possibly hurt them. If you don’t like the first product because it’s in plain color, you should like it with RUNJU-ZP since it comes in 4 different colors in a set.

With this bowl set, you can make your table look more colorful and food tastier. When purchasing the product from RUNJU-ZP, you will also get a 30-day 100% customer satisfaction guarantee which ensure you a free refund or replacement if you do not like the product. You may consider these ceramic plates for your kitchen’s complete set.

8. LIFVER French Onion Soup Crocks Oven Safe, 18 oz Soup Crocks with Handles and Lids

A Set of 4 Ceramic Soup Bowls for Soup, Stew, and Chillies

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Moving on, there’s a famous brand for ceramic bowls and it’s known as LIFVER. This 18oz bowl is not similar to the previous two brands. It has the handle and lid that can prevent soup from spilling out while protecting users from getting themselves burned by the heat without using mitts. It is

For some people, this can also be used to steam soup, serving hot and sour chicken soup or bake any dishes on the stove directly. LIFVER makes sure to choose only AB-Grade ceramic that is known for its ultimate safety to use in microwave or with hot temperature. In fact, it can withstand up to 450 degree Fahrenheit easily.

Since this bowl is coated with a glossy finish, it makes dishwashing a lot easier and faster, too. Not only these, every purchase you make with LIFVER bowl, you will also get a 90-day after-sales warranty to make sure there’s no issue with the products that dissatisfy you.

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7. Ethical 4.75-Inch Stoneware Crock Dog Dish

ceramic bowl with lid

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Next, we have another best ceramic bowl from Ethical. What’s different from this and the previous products in the list is that it’s more recommended to use for your pet; although you can still use it by yourself. Just because it can be used as a pet bowl, that does not mean this bowl is low quality. Instead, it is highly durable that it wouldn’t break easily. Also, it is coated with high gloss finish that makes it super effortless to clean regularly.

Also, Ethical makes its bowl just at the right depth. Hence, you wouldn’t have to worry if it’s too deep for your pet to eat the food from this bowl. Moreover, this Ethical bowl comes with many different size options. Depending on the size of your pet, you can choose it accordingly.

6. Ethical 5-Inch Cat Or Reptile Stoneware Dish Bowl

small ceramic bowls for baking

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Another stunning bowl that can be used as your pet bowl is from Ethical again. Different from the previous model, this one has a wider opening which makes it even more accessible. It is ideal for any bigger sized pet; especially those who have big heads. What’s also outstanding about this bowl from Ethical is that it has the chew-proof feature that allows it to be highly-resistant to my damage caused by your pet.

Such a feature will keep your bowl from looking old and dirty, so it will remain new and clean no matter how long you use it. Likewise, this Ethical bowl model also comes with many different size options, so you can use it according to your pet size for a perfect application.

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5. Farielyn-X 8 Pack Small Ceramic Bowls for Soup, Salad, Pasta, Rice, Dessert, Yoghurt, Condiments, Side Dishes, Dip & Ice Cream

Porcelain Ceramic Bowls, 4.75 Inch Diameter & 10 Fluid Ounce

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Moving on, this product from Farienly-X will be one of the most favorite ceramic bowls for those who love collecting art pieces. From look to quality, Farienly-X is very exceptional. It is designed with different patterns that gives a perfect look to your food. Moreover, it is lead-free and toxic-free, so you can be put in the freezer, clean in the dishwasher or heat in the microwave without any bad consequence on the food or consumer. Farienlyn-X bowl as a wide application.

You can use it for cereal, soup, ice cream, rice, or side dishes. It is highly recommended to use in any special gathering as it will give a more festive mood on the dinner table. It comes with a set of 8, so a set of it would be perfect for any kitchen. Either to use for yourself or as a gift to others, bowl from Farielyn-X is a must-own product.

4. Y YHY Ceramic Bowls, Japanese Rice Bowl, Cereal Bowls for Kitchen, 16oz Blue Bowl Set of 4

A Set of 4 Assorted Design Ceramic Bowls

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Another aesthetic looking bowl is from this highly-rated brand called Y YHY. Despite the stunning look of it, Y YHY bowl is highly functional since it is made in a generous size which makes it ideal to use for soup, cereal, dessert or even main entrees. With the complementary of a perfect bright color artwork, it makes the table look very stunning and instagrammable; if you are into taking photos for the Gram.

Similar to the other top brands in the list, this one is also made from premium quality porcelain with FDA approved for no lead and cadmium that can harm consumer’s healthy. Moreover, it is very sturdy, so it won’t break easily. If not for yourself, this can also be a great and thoughtful gift for special occasion like housewarming party, too.

3. DOWAN Small Bowls, White Ceramic Cereal Bowls, 10 Ounce Dessert Bowls Ice Cream Bowls

6 Packs Soup Bowls Set for Kitchen, Serving Bowls for Dipping, Rice, Side Dish, Small Portions, Microwave Safe

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Another premium quality classic ceramic bowl is from DOWAN. The main purpose of this bowl is for a healthy lifestyle as it’s designed with just 10-oz in capacity so that it can accommodate just the right portion for a good diet. Aside from serving the main meal, you can also use it for side dishes, ice cream or soup too. Unlike most bowls on the market, DOWAN is made to be very thick and solid and it’s very versatile.

Also, this DOWAN bowl is double-insulated, so it won’t absorb heat as much as the other bowls; you don’t have to burn yourself when carrying hot soup in it, either. Such safety feature also allows it to be outstanding when withstanding the hot temperature in microwave or dishwasher. For your confidence, this bowl is also approved by FDA for its safety quality, so you wouldn’t have to worry about such problems when consuming.

2. DOWAN 9.5″ Large Serving Bowls, 2.8 Quart Big Salad Bowls, Porcelain Pasta Bowl Set, Sturdy Mixing Bowls

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe, Deep Soup Bowl for Family Kitchen, White Bowls

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Moving onto the 2nd top best ceramic bowl in the list, we have another bowl model from DOWAN again. As leading quality as the previous model from this brand, this one is different because it’s bigger and to be used to serve with larger portions. For ideal application, you can use this bowl for salad, soup, ramen, fruit or pasta. It is more for bigger gatherings then to be used for one person. Despite the size of this, it is also made from BPA-free, Toxic-free and odorless substances, so you can enjoy your food without worrying about those harmful chemicals when using this bowl.

At the same time, it’s also applicable to use in a dishwasher or microwave. The smooth texture of it offers a grand protection on the bowl and makes it very highly-resistance to heat and damage. For the best look, we highly recommend you use this big DOWAN bowl with the smaller set from the previous model. A set of this has 2 of this sized large bowl. Every time you purchase this DOWAN big bowl, you will also get a zero-risk guarantee for 90 days.

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1. Gibson Home Color Speckle Multi Color Ceramic Bowl Sets Red, Yellow, Blue, Turquoise

ceramic colored bowls

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Finally, the best bowl on the market belongs to this brand called Gibson. There are many special points about this product. First of all, it comes in a set of many beautiful eye-catching colors. Especially if you love having art in any cuisine you cook, Gibson offers the perfect bowl that you can play with. Besides, Gibson always makes sure that the substances they choose to produce this bowl is completely safe from any harmful ingredient.

Hence, it is totally fine to use it in a heating tool like a microwave or dishwasher. Also, the dish is made in just the right portion for snack, soup, side dishes or dessert, so you don’t have to worry about over or under allocation of your food when serving guests and family members. Each piece of the bowl is hand painted to create a unique look.

You wouldn’t be able to find any artistic bowl that has such quality anywhere on the market beside Gibson. If you don’t normally cook, this ceramic is also worth displaying as a home décor or as a gift to others too. Grab these before the last stock runs out.

What to consider when buying a bowl made of ceramic

Obviously because ceramic bowls tend to be more fragile (breakable) and expensive compared to plastic bowls, there must be a careful step before you decide to buy from any specific brand to avoid losing money for the wrong purchase. Hence, we would like to suggest 3 easy tips that can help you cope up with this. First of all, you should know what you will be using it for. Normally speaking, each brand offers their bowls with slightly different sizes compared to the other. Hence, you need to know what you will be using it for in order to be able to buy the right sized bowl. However, if you’re not certain about that, it doesn’t matter. You can also look for an average sized bowl which can be from 10oz to 16oz. Choosing the average size should allow to have varieties of application on the bowls.

Besides, you must also look at the product description to make sure the process of making those bowls won’t involve any harmful chemical. It is highly essential as you will use it with your food, you must want to make sure that there’s no danger consuming them. Last but definitely not least, it is also important that you check if a bowl could be used in a microwave and dishwasher. A good quality ceramic bowl must have been able to be used with them. However, if the description states that the product couldn’t be used in these two machines, we highly recommend that you choose other products since it shows that the product isn’t really functional and practical.


We understand that looking for a great ceramic bowl brand is hard, so you don’t have to look elsewhere. Any brands in the top 10 that we have suggested above will satisfy you on both its look and functions.

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