Top 10 Best Fruit Bowls for Counter and Dining Table in 2024

Are you looking for a good quality and well made fruit bowl that is affordable and at the same time blend in perfectly with your house equipment? In this article, we would recommend you top 10 best durable and practical fruit bowls that can fit nicely with the majority of your house equipment and are a great and modern addition because they all look elegant, unique, and classic for your dining tables. Let’s check them out!

List of the Top 10 Best Fruit Bowls in 2024

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Auledio Iron 2-Tier Countertop Fruit Vegetables Basket Bowl Storage With Banana Hanger, Black, 64...
Auledio Iron 2-Tier Countertop Fruit Vegetables Basket Bowl Storage With Banana Hanger, Black, 64...
☀DECORATIVE–Classical romantic ferric art affection make better.
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Best Choice #. 2
CAXXA Countertop Fruit Bowl, Wire Basket for Fruits, Breads, Vegetables,Snacks, BLACK
CAXXA Countertop Fruit Bowl, Wire Basket for Fruits, Breads, Vegetables,Snacks, BLACK
【WONDERFUL GIFT OPTION】Perfect for Thanksgiving,, New Year, Christmas, holiday gift.; 【DIMENSION】11.2"x11.2"x 3.6" (US Patent Pending)
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SaleBest Choice #. 12
Deco Brothers Fruit Bowl with Banana Holder, Bronze
Deco Brothers Fruit Bowl with Banana Holder, Bronze
13" fruit bowl to hold variable size fruits.; Removable hanger provides capability to hang bananas and grapes.
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Fruit Bowl Reviews

10. Spectrum Diversified Scroll Arched 2-Tier Server for Storage and Display of Fruit Vegetables Produce and More, Black

metal two-story fruit bowls

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This fruit bowl is in a classic black color. This storing item has a very traditional look, however, it fits very well with your kitchen or dining room equipment and counter perfectly. It has two tiers, thus, it can save you a lot of space. Each layer is very spacious with a measurement of 10.5 inches for the length and 10 inches for the width, so you can store many fruits and vegetables neatly. This fruit bowl is in the exact size that can fit your favorite fruits and vegetables for about a week. You can also use the top layer to store a bunch of bananas, and it usually fits about 5 or 6 large bananas.

We can assure you that even if it is a stack bowl arrangement, it is still very sturdy because it is made from a strong steel construction. You can easily store your fruits and take them out very quick with this one convenient item. Another great thing about this fruit basket is that you do not have to worry that its feet will leave any scratch on your glass tables or counter.

9. Metal Wire Fruit Basket, Large Round Storage Baskets for Bread, Metal Wire Bread Fruit Bowl Vegetable Stand Holder for Snacks

Modern Fruit Bowl Decorate Kitchen Counter

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This super cute fruit basket is handmade from a premium metal wire and is in a large round shape. It is in a classic gold color. This beautiful wire basket will be a great and unique housewarming, holiday, or Christmas gift for your family and friends. This bowl got many positive reviews because of its practicality and well made quality. This basket is very sturdy and durable.

This is a great basket to store your fruits, vegetables, bread, candy, snacks, cookies, eggs, or other decorative items to add a more lively decoration to your house. This basket is a good addition to decorate and add more cheerful character to your kitchen or living room. It is washable, so when it gets dirty, you can easily clean it. You will be very happy with this purchase.

8. DOWAN Fruit Basket Bowl Set of 2, Large Wired Fruit Vegetable Basket Bowls for Kitchen Counter, Party, Serving and Bread Storage

Large Wired Fruit Vegetable Basket Bowls for Kitchen Counter

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You can always start redecorating your kitchen. This multifunctional fruit basket is in a wavy wire and black color. It comes in a set of 2 baskets. It is in a measurement of 11 x 11 x 3.4 inches. This is a great basket to help you organize different types of fruits, vegetables, breads, snacks, eggs, and many more. This bowl is stackable when empty, so it will not take up too much space. In addition, it can fit perfectly and is very suitable for your kitchen, cabinet, shelf, office, picnic, party, and perfect outdoor decoration. The design of this basket made it very convenient to let you see through the basket, so you can quickly spot and take what you want out easily.

Another great thing about this open design is that it allows a maximum air circulation to pass through, thus, you will not worry that the temperature inside the basket is hotter than the outside that can ripen or worsen the quality of your foods. You will not regret getting this fruit basket bowl.

7. Spectrum Diversified Vintage Fruit Bowl

Industrial Gray Fruit Bowl

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This fruit bowl is exactly what you are looking for because it has a modern farmhouse style. It is in a dark gray color, and it is made from a thick-gauge wire. The bowl has a wooden base at the bottom to add a more elegant design to the overall bowl. Furthermore, it also has handles, and they can move up and down for easy carrying. This basket is very easy to clean. You can just simply wipe it with a damp cloth and leave it dry. Do not put it in a dishwasher. This fruit organizer will be a very attractive charm to your house.

In addition, the open and wire design enables an even ripen to your fruits, and you can quickly notice which fruits should consume first to avoid going to waste when they are over ripening. Another great thing about this design is to prevent a buildup of ethylene gas, which is a very great way to guarantee that your fruits can stay fresh longer. Last but not least, you can also use this bowl to serve bread, muffins, rolls, pastries, and many more.

6. DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger

Bronze decorative fruit basket

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This clean looking design of this fruit bowl will match with most of your kitchen equipment. It is coated with a classic bronze color, thus, it adds a very elegant look to your table. It consumes less space compared with the large ceramic bowls that can store the same amount of fruits and vegetables. The basket bowl can hold a lot of fruits. This fruit tree bowl has a removable hanger, so you can hang your bananas or grapes separately from your fruits. Since this fruit bowl is visible, you can easily see if your fruits are ripening yet, so you will not leave them over ripening and go to waste like when you store them in the fridge or pantry. We can assure you that the bowl will not tip over when you hang bananas and does not store fruits inside. Another great thing is that the bottom of the bowl will not leave any scratches on your table.

5. SimpleHouseware Fruit Basket Bowl with Banana Tree Hanger, Bronze

Banana Tree Hanger Bronze fruit bowl

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The color of this fruit bowl is very nice and the design is also very classic. We can assure you that it got a very good balance to your house. This fruit bowl is made from a sturdy material, and it is in a classic bronze coating which is a great elegant display for your house. It is a 2 tiers bowl, so it can save a lot of space and at the same time can hold a lot of fruits and vegetables.

The lower basket has a measurement of 11.8 x 4.6 inches, and the upper basket has a measurement of 10 x 3 inches. You do not have to worry about the balancing issue or that the fruits that you store in the second tier will fall over. The design allows a breathable room to let the air circulates in and out, so you there will be no mold or fruit flies problems.

4. iDesign Twigz Wire Fruit Bowl Centerpiece for Kitchen and Dining Room Countertops, Tables, Buffets, & Refrigerators

modern metal fruit holder

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You will be in love with the look of this bronze color fruit basket. This design is very attractive and beautiful, and it fits very well with your kitchen and living room equipment. Since it is a wire basket, it can hold a lot of fruits, vegetables, foods, or snacks. This bowl is very sturdy, and it has feet on the bottom to ensure good hygiene and keep your fruits to stay dry and fresh. The large opening wire also keeps your things within a quick and easy reach and you can easily spot what fruits are still remaining.

With fruit baskets at home, it will be a very effective and encouraging way for your family to change into a healthy snacking habit by eating fruits such as apples, oranges, grapes, or bananas instead of chips and other unhealthy packaged foods.

3. LANEJOY Fruit Bowl SUS 304 Stainless Steel Fruit Basket, Storage Baskets Wire Bowl for Home with Bread Vegetables

Creative Small 9.42.9inch Fruit Basket Bowl

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This fruit basket is made of a very high quality steel. It is made from a high quality metal wire, thus it is very durable and sturdy. This is a very cute and functional fruit basket. We can assure you that this basket will never rust and be very easy to clean. In addition, this steel is also very safe to store your fruits, vegetables, and foods to ensure your daily healthy consumption. The bowl can hold a lot of foods, so it is very ideal for a large family.

The wire enables a breathable air to flow in and out to ensure that your foods can last long and stay fresh. The lotus design fruit bowl shape does not have any hidden solder joints, so when you reach out for your foods, it will not accidentally cut your hands or fingers. In addition, this bowl is also very convenient to clean, you can just simply wipe it with a wet towel and let it dry.

2. Fruit Stand Vegetables Basket Counter Top Fruit Basket Bowl Storage for Kitchen Home Metal Cast Iron (2 Tier-Black)

2-Tier-Black Fruit Basket for Counter and Dinner Table

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This fruit basket is a perfect complement to the fruit juicer in your kitchen or living room. It gives your house a very presentable and sophisticated look because it has an elegant hollow design. This fruit basket does not consume a lot of space, and it is not bulky either. In addition, this fruit basket is very practical because it allows you to easily separate the variety of fruits, veggies, and other items since it has 2 layers. Each basket can give you plenty of room to store many of your favorite fruits, vegetables, and other foods.

This basket is guaranteed to be rust proof and very sturdy. It is made of an iron that is resistant and coated with a non-fading black powder on the surface. So even if it is a wire basket, it will not scratch your table or counter. Another great thing is that the 2 tier bowls can be detached easily in case you want to use 2 separate bowls and a banana hanger.

1. Seville Classics Bamboo Fruit Bowl with Banana Hook Steel Wire Tree Storage Basket

Espresso Brown Steel Wire Tree Storage Basket

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This basket has a special design that will suit your preferences. It can meet all your expectations of a well functioning fruit basket. This fruit bowl has a measurement of 13 inches length, 10.63 inches width, and a height of 17.3 inches. The design of this bowl is very unique because the lower bowl is made from 100% natural bamboo and the upper part is made from a steel wire that allows you to hang 2 bunches of bananas or grapes. With these hooks, you can now allow your bananas to ripen evenly without worrying about the resting bruises. You can also use it to hang other items such as gloves, plastic bags, towels, oven mitts, and many more.

The bamboo bowl will not be stained easily, so you will have trouble washing it often. The bowl is removable, so you can easily take it out if you just want to use it to hang bananas. The bamboo bowl is big and looks very presentable, so you can use it to serve soups or salad besides just storing fruits. You do not have to worry that it will tip or bend over when you take the bowl out because the wire is very strong, sturdy, and the feet of this fruit bowl are made non-slip and stick on very well.

What to consider when choosing the fruit bowls

Two-layer bowl: It would be very useful if your fruit stand can hold a lot of fruits and veggies without requiring a lot of space.

See through basket: This kind of basket allows you to quickly notice which fruits that are not ripe, just ripe, or over ripened, so you can know which one to consume first without letting the over ripening go to waste.

Wire basket: Wire basket improves the air circulation inside, so the storing fruits, veggies, or food will not easily get spoiled. Another criteria to consider is how strong the wire is. Make sure that the wire is durable enough that it will not bend or tip over when you store a lot of items in the upper layer.


In short, we hope that you can now find yourself a perfect fruit bowl for your counter or dinning table. We believe that these recommended fruit baskets have added a greater taste and sophisticated look to your house as recommended by the expert. We are also certain that you will come back to these fruit bowls again because they are all high quality products and totally worth every penny.

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