Top 10 Best Food Dehydrators in 2024

With a food dehydrator, you can dry food, which helps prevent microorganisms from growing while still preserving all the nutrients. This option is known to be a highly recommended one since it allows you to enjoy healthy snacks in a little time.

That said, we think it’s about time to shed some light on the top 10 best cheap food dehydrator models of 2024. And, we will review their features herein.

List of the Best Cheap Food Dehydrators in 2024

SaleBest Choice #. 5
Ronco 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator, Classic White
Ronco 5-Tray Electric Food Dehydrator, Classic White
DISHWASHER SAFE: The trays and lid are dishwasher safe so cleanup is quick and easy
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SaleBest Choice #. 9
Cuisinart DHR-20P1 Food Dehydrator, 13.38 x 15.63 x 12 inches, 620 watts, Black
Cuisinart DHR-20P1 Food Dehydrator, 13.38 x 15.63 x 12 inches, 620 watts, Black
INCLUDED: Five stackable, interlocking racks, fruit roll-up sheet; PREMIUM COOKING: Great for beef jerky, dried fruits and herbs
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10. Presto Food Dehydrator with a See-through Cover

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If you like to dry the food and store it for a long time, the cheap food dehydrator that we wish to draw your attention to is from the Presto brand. This one is designed to have up to 4 trays; therefore, there is enough space for dehydrated many types of food. More than this, it allows you to check the progress of the food with ease, too. The cover is a see-through type for making sure that you can look over the food at a glance.

This product is also known for the versatility it delivers, too. It can work well with various foods, fruits and meat as well. If you need to wash it in the machine, feel free to do so. Besides,, on top of having the great features, it requires low maintenance only.

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9. Commercial Chef Compact Food Dehydrator

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The next cheap food dehydrator you should have in the kitchen is a contender from the Commercial Chef brand. First of all, this product uses 280 watts of power, so it can dry the food with little time and effort. Another awesome feature of it is, it can absorb the moisture from the food well. It is also good to know that, using this food dehydrator, the original flavor of the food is well preserved. If you take a look at the design of it, you’ll see it is smartly designed to have 5 trays. Each tray promises to give you enough space for keeping your food.

Feel free to classify the food for the convenience of dehydrating time, too. Next, the temperature of this product can be adjusted from 104 to 158 degrees. With the great features of this unit, we bet that you have no reason to say no to this product.

8. VIVOHOME Electric Food Dehydrator with Timer

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You will love the drying capacity of this cheap food dehydrator. Similar to many products of VIVOHOME, this one is a high quality product for drying food. The power of this product is 400 watts, so it can effectively dry the meat. More than this, it can keep the vitamins and minerals in the meat and fruits intac, too.

If you use this one, you will have time to complete other cooking tasks without any concern too. This food dehydrator allows you to set the timer and temperature based on your preference. It aims to keep you safe by having the automatically shut down features. This means that the machine will automatically turn off when it produces hot air.

The layers of this machine are 5 layers, so you can classify the food any way you like. Don’t worry, you can store and clean it without any concern. This one is perfect for using both in restaurants and homes.

7. NESCO Snackmaster Food Dehydrator

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This cheap food dehydrator is highly recommended if you have limited kitchen space. This one is from the reputable NESCO brand, and it is smartly designed to offer you the durable machine. The first awesome point of this product is, it comes with 5 trays. However, if you need to expand its capacity, you can do so by adding the trays up to 12. To preserve the nutritions in the food, this product is built in with the Opaque Vita-Save for blocking the light. This way the food will be dry and full of nutrition.

With this product, you will never need to rotate the trays at all since the hot air is well distributed throughout the machine. You can have the trust on the quality of it since it is made and assembled in the USA.

6. COSORI Food Dehydrator for Beef Jerky and more

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We have spotted another awesome product and it is from COSORI. This one is known to be the right option to choose if you need to dry meat and food. The unit works well with beef, herbs, fruits and more. The trays of this machine are up to 5 layers, so each of them allows you to have enough storage space.

Next, the company cares about the safety of the user; so the material used for making the tray is the BPA free plastic. This machine allows you to cook many other foods when working on it. You can set the timer and adjust the temperature you want. The operation process of it is done in a quiet way, too.

No loud noise, so it is a kid friendly cheap food dehydrator. If you need to clean it, you will have nothing to worry about too. Get yours, and you will always have tasty snacks in the house.

5. Nesco Speckled Food Dehydrator

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This Nesco cheap food dehydrator is the perfect option to choose if you want the best value from an affordably-priced product. The first thing you need to know about this product is it uses 400 watts of power, and it can dry all types of food. Trays are attached with the machine; however, you can expand it up to 7 trays if needed.

To ensure that you can see the cooking process with ease, the top part of the machine is clear. As a great point, you will get such an easy time drying food. Next, the hot air can flow into this machine and distribute the heat evenly. With this unit, we guarantee that you will never need to rotate the tray at all. Last but not least, you can wash this food dehydrator in the dishwasher.

4. Nesco Gardenmaster Food Dehydrator

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If you want to make your own dry fruits and store it, one of the ultimate products you should get is this top-rated food dehydrator from the Nesco brand. This product is here to make the drying process much easier. With the 100o watts power of it, it can assist the drying process well. If you choose this product, you will need only a few hours to dehydrate the fruit. Another great point of it is, the hot air can go across the tray without any restriction. It is also good to know that the temperature of this machine is from 95°F – 160°F.

The package of this cheap food dehydrator comes with 8 nice trays, yet you can also expand the tray up to 30 if you want. Don’t worry, the usage of this product is very simple, so there is nothing to worry about. For your information, you can wash it in the dishwasher too.

3. Presto Dehydro Food Dehydrator

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Presto makes their way to the list again today by introducing this highly innovative product for you. With its 6-tray system, you can organize the food with ease. If you choose to dry the fruit with this, we guarantee that the nutrition is well preserved. It is the good option to choose if you like to store the food without additives.

There is a wide range of foods this machine can work well with. Those include meat, fruit, seafood and more. Please be informed that the temperature can be adjusted from 90 to 165 degree F.

What makes it different from many other options is the fast drying time of it. The hot air provided by this machine can flow across the tray well. All the main materials are made from high-quality plastic.

2. Magic Mill Food Dehydrator

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The next cheap food dehydrator you should have in the kitchen is brought to you by the Magic Mill brand. First off, this product is installed with the timer. This way, you can set the timer and work on other tasks with ease. More than this, the temperature control feature of it can keep the food warm and dry by taking just a little time. The unit also aims to ensure the safety of the user by installing the automatically-shut-down feature.

Unlike the traditional way to dry food, this machine will save your time. Besides this, the trays of this machine are made from stainless steel, and it is perfect for keeping nuts, herbs, beans, fruits and more. This awesome product is safe to use since it is made from BPA free material. Don’t worry, both the cooking and cleaning process are very simple.

1. Excalibur 9-Tray Food Dehydrator

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Excalibur cheap food dehydrator is the last product in the list today. This product is an electric device that can dry the food using less time and effort. There are 9 trays in this product, so you will have more space for organizing the food. To offer you more options, the temperatures given by this product are various. However, the recommended temperature for preserving the nutrition is 115 to 118 degrees F. The On and Off switch is built in this device too. This way, you can turn it On and Off with ease.

If you need to clean it, you can do it easily as the tray is nonstick. Last but not least, we highly recommend this product if you’re looking for an effective tool to dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meat. It is good to know each purchase is backed by a 10 years warranty.

Buying Guides

Size and space

The first thing you need to confirm is the size of the product. Each product is designed to have different size and door type. It is good if you check the dimension of the product in advance to ensure that it fits in the desirable spot in your kitchen well. The size of the product also lets you know about the storage capacity too.

Energy Consumption

If you’ve gone through the review above, we bet that you notice that we talked about the voltage and energy that each product uses. This is an important aspect to look at since it determines the energy and time it takes. First of all, if you go for a low energy consumption feature, it will use less energy; however, it also takes longer time to heat up too. If you need a product that can dry the food within less time, a powerful product will be the better choice.


When choosing a cheap food dehydrator we always remind you to take a closer look at the materials chosen. There are many types of popular material there are safe to use in this food dehydrator. First off, it is the stainless-steel product. This type is known for the durability of it so it is perfect for restaurants and commercial uses. Besides this, plastic is also a well-known go-to option if you want a cheaper product. If you choose plastic, do make sure to get a BPA-free product for health safety purpose.


We know that you still have many other tasks to do while drying the food. Therefore, it is good to get a product that allows you to set the Timer with ease. More than just preventing the food from getting over-cooked, it can keep you safe too. Don’t forget to check the temperature and adjust it too. This way, you can set the right temperature and time for a particular type of food.


This one is very helpful if you have limited space in the house. It is a wise choice if you get a stackable food dehydrator instead of a large product. Since the unit allows you to add as many trays you want, there is always available space for your food. Don’t worry, with a good product, the heat from the machine can flow across the tray easily. Thus, that increases the capacity in a vertical space.


With all the best cheap food dehydrators mentioned above, we bet that you have known what product you’d like to get. Since there are many models that are various in size, usage and feature, it is best if you know which one works best for you. A food dehydrator isn’t only used for drying the food and preserving the nutrition as much as possible. It is also highly suitable for making nuts and seeds, incubating yogurt, proofing bread, and more.

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