You’ll Need These Double Deep Fryers to Make Different Fries Quicker in 2024

With double deep fryers at homes, you can cook and fry different types of food whether it is French fries or crispy fried chicken. The cooking is quick and instant, and there is no limit on what we can do with our menu.

However, there are plenty of double deep fryers available right there in the market. Thus, to help you make a hassle-free choice, we are here to help you get the best pick with the top ten best double deep fryers in 2024 with some product buying advice.

List of the 10 Selected Double Deep Fryers for You in 2024

SaleBest Choice #. 2
Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer
Presto 05466 Stainless Steel Dual Basket Pro Fry Immersion Element Deep Fryer
Professional-style deep fryer with dual baskets for easy at-home frying.; Dual oblong-shaped baskets fry 2 foods at once.
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Best Choice #. 6
Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer with Timer Free Extra Odor...
Secura 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple Basket Electric Deep Fryer with Timer Free Extra Odor...
1700 watt immersion element preheats and recovers oil temperature fast.; 4. 0-Liter removable oil tank for easy clean-ups, Extra set of odor Filters.
Amazon Prime

10. Olym Store Double Deep Fryer

cabelas double deep fryer

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If you look to replace your old deep fryer, Olym Store is the right choice for you. It enables a tank of 12-liter capacity for oil. We can fry at two different temperatures without a doubt. In addition, we can fry huge batches of food with the capacity. Furthermore, you can make two different types of foods at the same time with two different temperatures. Meanwhile, the tank enables this ability because it is divided into two.

What’s more, it has an even heat distribution because of the U-shaped heating tube design. The heat distributes quick and instantly, which is good for cooking various types of food. Furthermore, it fits with a temperature range from 60 degrees Celsius to 200 degrees Celsius. It comes with a lid, so it can cover the deep fryer from oil splashing.

Moreover, the handle is cool-touch because it is made from plastic material. It is safe to touch and move the deep fryer even when it is frying the food. The product, besides, has a solid construction that is going to last for years. Also check mini deep fryers if you need a small capacity one.

9. Maxi-Matic Double Deep Fryer

hamilton beach deep fryer

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Maxi-Matic is another superb option. It divides two different quarts for frying. You can fry 26 pounds of food for a single batch per each side. Additionally, the heating element is fully immersible, so it creates crispy food for you. Furthermore, you can notice the indicator light to know whether the oil is ready for deep frying. This is a smart function that not many double deep fryers possess.

The product is constructed with stainless steel alongside a brushed quality. The brushed quality helps to reinforce the stainless steel construction material. Besides, the lid has a cool-touch that is good for you. The inner container is non-stick which is convenient for your cooking experience. It is, therefore, very convenient to clean up. The product generates 1700-watt power that is highly enough for cooking and deep frying.

8. Secura Double Deep Fryer

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The next much-loved item is Secura. It allows you to deep fry two different foods at the same time. The product has a cool-touch handle. It is certainly safe for moving around the double deep fryer, without hassles. Furthermore, the deep fryer is made of stainless steel that is a quality material for long-lasting uses. Besides, you can have a jumbo frying for huge batches of donuts or fried chicken. Specially, we can fry foods with very different cooking time and cooking temperature with it.

The product is powerful which generates 1700-watt power. It is smart for heating up and cooking your food. The food you cook is guaranteed to be delicious with the piece of deep fryer. Furthermore, the oil tank is 4.0-liter which comes with odor filters for no odor after each time of cooking. It doesn’t create smells for the next food, so it is one good deep fryer.

Meanwhile, its heat control is adjustable between 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The product has an automatic timer, so you can set a timing for a maximum of 60 minutes for cooking and deep frying. For oilless frying, you can get one of these air fryers as your option.

7. Maxi-Matic Double Deep Fryer

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Maxi-Matic has a lot to offer. It comes with two different quarts for frying. Consequently, you can cook two different types of food at the same time. Moreover, the deep fryer has one four-quart inner pot for cooking the same food. You can change the temperature, and there is a timer for it as well. Furthermore, it has the housing that is made of stainless steel with a brushed quality. The brushed quality certainly reinforces the product’s quality. There is no doubt that we can fry two different foods at the same time.

It is a brilliant item because of the fast heating system. It features a cool-touch side handle for moving the deep fryer to other places. It enables three baskets in a total, lastly.

6. Krups Double Deep Fryer

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Krups is packed with features. It is a professional deep fryer with a tank of 4.5-liter oil. Additionally, it features a capacity to deep fry or cook 2.6-pound foods with it. What’s more, there are three different frying baskets for you. There is one large basket, and it is for deep frying big batches. There are also two other baskets for deep-frying two different types of food at the same time. Moreover, it comes with four preset functions which you can adjust temperature and time with. The time and temperature adjustments are perfect for especially professional cookers who want to perfect your recipes.

The product serves as an electric deep fryer for you. You can control the manual settings for different results of food. Furthermore, it boasts a viewing window for you to check on food. The deep fryer has an odor filter for it to remove unwanted smells from it. The handle is cool-touch, and the breakaway cord has a design for your safety. It is safe to cook with it, therefore.

5. Vivohome Double Deep Fryer

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The next item is from Vivohome. The deep fryer generates a power of 2500 watts that is powerful for heating. You can wish to deep fry your food and get it well done. The power capacity is smart to cook well-done foods. Additionally, it functions well for quick frying. You can have a temperature control with it between 60 degrees and 190 degrees Celsius. Furthermore, the temperature setting can be functionally dependent on the different foods you are cooking. There come two removable baskets which you can cook two different types of foods at the same time.

The basket can quickly get drained. Besides, the handles are cool-touch which allows for convenient uses. The cover is also cool-touch, and it avoids oil from splashing everywhere. Besides, the deep fryer is constructed with stainless steel. You can detach it for cleaning purposes.

4. ALDKitchen Double Deep Fryer

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ALDKitchen has a lot to love. The fryer comes equipped with a protection button for avoiding the fryer from overheating. Additionally, it avoids temperature from being too high. Meanwhile, you can remove the tank and basket, so it is convenient and simple to clean it. The fryer basket is made of stainless steel. Besides, it has a plastic handle for cool touch and easy lifting.

We shouldn’t have any hassles because the item comes with a residue plate and lid that protect us from oil splashing. The item has a fully guaranteed quality for you. There shouldn’t be any hassles to consider the deep fryer, as a result.

3. QISE Double Deep Fryer

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This handy double deep fryer comes with baskets for you to make use of. The product is made of stainless steel with a heavy-duty quality. Additionally, it features a lid to cover and protect us from oil splashing. The item also enables residue plate, so we can filter out those dregs. Besides, we have a temperature indicator to know when the fryer heats up the oil. Moreover, there are two hooks on the basket for convenient hanging on the bar. Moreover, it is great to cook various types of foods such as panko shrimp, fried chicken, egg rolls, onion rings, French fries and more.

What’s more, it generates a power of 5000-watt which is good for deep frying. It is suitable with business and home uses. Plus, it enables thermostats for the accuracy of temperature setting. The product has a big capacity for oil which is 12 liters for quality deep frying, lastly.

2. Presto Double Deep Fryer

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Another desirable pick is Presto. It is very user-friendly because the product has a development to be innovative. Moreover, it requires only eight cups of oil for eight generous servings of food. Furthermore, there is a divider which allows you to fry two different foods at the same moment without intermingling with each other. Moreover, it is casted with aluminum for reliable quality. The handle is cool-touch which further reinforces the product’s user-friendly quality.

Besides, the collection includes other items such as safety cord, storage lid and slotted scoop. Its surface is non-stick which is excellent for cleaning up. It generates a power of 1500 watts. Lastly, it is applicable with the 120-voltage standard.

1. T-fal Double Deep Fryer

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T-fal tops the list for a number of reasons. It generates a power of 1700-watt for deep frying moments. It is, therefore, smart to cook with it. It requires an oil capacity of 3.5 liters. You can use it to cook food as much as 2.65 pounds. Moreover, there are two baskets for your cooking. It features a handle for convenient transportation.

T-fal enables EZ filtration system for simple deep frying. This is for healthy cooking. It can save oil as well because you can filter oil for many times of use. Moreover, the immersed heating allows for professional cooking results. It is simple to clean because the item has component pieces which are safe with a dish washing machine.

Buying Guide

Construction Material: Construction material such as stainless steel and other possible resources are important. They make or break a double deep fryer. A double deep fryer can last for a long time with reliable construction material. However, it doesn’t last long if the product doesn’t come with solid and quality material. Furthermore, the right construction material enables it to quality deep fry meals you have. There is no wonder that we should pick the right item with the right material construction.

Construction Design: We should check whether the construction design is solid or not. Some products have quality construction materials; however, they don’t have solid construction design. The product design matters because it can allow one product to last or not as well. With the right design, everything is possible. However, with the wrong one, it is not going to stay with you for years to come.

Protective Design: Deep fryers boil the oil that is hot. There are chances of splashes. The premium item should come with a lid that has a cover to protect you from splashing. It is safe for you to cook with it. What’s more, the handle is cool-touch, so you have an easy time carrying and moving the place of the deep fryer. The protective design is helpful. As a result, we should not miss the quality at all.

Temperature Control: Different foods require different temperatures to deep fry. It is not always the same rule to all types of foods. Consequently, we should be very selective with the right double deep fryers. Those deep fryers should allow for customization of the temperature. There should not be any fusses to consider those products that come with a temperature customization, as a result.

Baskets: Some deep fryers don’t come with baskets when baskets are important for those deep fryers. We should be careful with some cheap products, and we need to check whether those deep fryers come with baskets or not. The quality deep fryer should come with one basket for big batches and two small baskets for deep-frying two different types of food at the same time.


There are many products available in the market. It can be an overwhelming task to find the right one. Sometimes, it relies on luck to find a good pick instantly. Sometimes, it takes you awhile to find the right one. However, our review is helpful for you to get the right double deep fryers very quickly with just a quick read. Thank you for dropping by.

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